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Sebastian Zangar - Songs 4 Sector 4

* Japanese Gatefold package CD
Description (English):
Sebastian Zangar is a Romanian composer now resides in Germany. “Song 4 Sector 4” is his first album under his real name and was produced during 2009 to 2012 at his home studio in Berlin and Fagerholm, Sweden. The title “Song 4 Sector 4” was derived from his multi-cultural background: [...]

Efterklang - Magic Chairs (LP Edition)

*LP Edition
Magic Chairs is the third full-length album by Copenhagen, Denmark’s Efterklang. The album finds the band expanding on their already expansive sound, while diving into the core of their ever evolving music. After six years of ambitious releases and concerts around the world, Efterklang have arrived at their most immediate and focused album to [...]

John Foxx - D.N.A. (CD + DVD)

* This release features unique collaborations between John Foxx and some of his favourite film-makers, with all of the short movies on the DVD being made especially for this project.
On top of that, the CD features all the music for the films, plus tracks that Foxx had recorded as ‘possibilities’ for soundtracks.
Description (English):
We’re pleased to [...]

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