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No.9 Haruka Nakamura Various - My Private Space

*Japanese-only edition CD.
*Digitally remastered with superior sound quality.
*Complete obi-strip & Japanese introductory/lyrics sheets included.
This compilation was completed by an awesome Japanese label P*dis. Features lots of good artists around the world such as Aus, Kadan, Fjordne also incl. brand new track from artist such as No.9 and Akira Kosemura etc…
01. akira kosemura & haruka nakamura [...]

65daysofstatic This Town Needs Guns Various - Zankyo Record Compilation Vol. 2 [2CD]

* Japanese 2CD Edition with Obi sleeve, Jewel Case Package
Description (English):
Zankyo record proudly presents Zankyo record Compilation vol.2!!
Disc One
1. moody pavilion(mudy on the 昨晩)
2. untold(Luminous Orange)
4. CRASH TACTICS(65daysofstatic)
5. If the Good Lord Had Intended Us To Walk He Wouldn’t Have Invented Rollerskates(Blakfish)
6. ORB(Hadald)
7. The Moon Is Bright But Coned Off(SHAPES)
8. 夢とは現実という平凡なものに付ける美しさに似た『嘘』の俗称。(te’)
9. Sunday(DoF)
10. Paradek(Antelope)
11. [...]

Sabi Kiyo - 71:36

* Digipack CD
Description (English):
Proudly introducing: First CD on new label and Mille Plataux derivative FORCE INTEL.
Why another label? Well, we received many great demos not experimental/artful enough for MILLE PLATEAUX, but just too good not to be released. The solution was FORCE INTEL, our new label for Intelligent Dance Music (IDM).
*** Great IDM / [...]

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