The fin. - Pale Blue / Afterglow EP (Japanese 12″ Vinyl Limited Edition, 数量限定) – Pre-Order

* Japanese 12" Vinyl Edition * Plus two tracks exclusively on vinyl * Download Code Included * Please note: items labeled as ‘Pre-Order’, can be purchased but will be shipped to arrive on the official release date. Orders containing Pre-Order items will be held until all products are availab...

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Boris - DEAR +3 (Japanese 3LP Limited Edition, 生産限定盤)

* Japanese 3LP Limited Edition * 3 Bonus tracks * Artwork - Kosuke Kawamura, Layout - Fangsanalsatan * Please note: the prices of this vinyl which show on our web-store are different than our store due to the postage. We are strongly recommended to all customer to come over and visit to our stor...

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Uyama Hiroto - Freeform Jazz (2LP Limited Edition)

* 2LP Limited Edition * limited edition 500 copies in world. Description (English): 3rd album by Japaneese multi-instrumentalist and producer Uyama Hiroto. "Sometimes an album catches you off guard, rising from nowhere and roaring into your ears with new sounds and ideas. Such an album grow...

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Hotline - You Are Mine (1LP Edition, Reissue)

* 180g 1LP Edition, Reissue Description (English): Classic disco LP from Nigeria, reissued by Soundway on 180g vinyl with tip-on sleeve. This very rare Nigerian disco classic LP, originally released in 1986, is the only known recorded album by Hotline and features the track 'Fella's Doing It In...

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Keiji Haino 灰野敬二 - Watashi Dake? (1LP Limited Deluxe Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

* 1LP Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered * Download Code Included * First vinyl edition of Keiji Haino’s stunning debut album since 1981, first ever outside of Japan * First ever edition to feature artist’s originally intended metallic gold and silver jacket artwork * Produced in close co...

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The Mothers Earth Experiment - The Mothers Earth Experiment (1LP Limited Colored Edition)

* 1LP Limited Colored Edition * Sticker on shrink stating “Limited Edition 500 copies Multi-Coloured vinyl” Description (English): The Mothers Earth Experiment Is a six-piece Contemporary, Progressive Outfit from the UK. With a Wide range Of influences ranging from Electronica, Jazz, World Music and Psychedelia all theway to Black Metal and back, the band of childhood friends [...] Continue Reading

The Mothers Earth Experiment - The Mothers Earth Experiment (CD Edition)

* CD Edition Description (English): The Mothers Earth Experiment Is a six-piece Contemporary, Progressive Outfit from the UK. With a Wide range Of influences ranging from Electronica, Jazz, World Music and Psychedelia all theway to Black Metal and back, the band of childhood friends pride themselves on their eclectic inspirations to weave Detailed sonic Tapestries of dense [...] Continue Reading

The Bug Earth - Concrete Desert (180g 2LP + 12″ Gatefold Edition)

* 2LP + 12″ Gatefold Edition * The records are pressed on 180 gram vinyl. All records come in their own individual printed inner sleeves which are housed in a printed matt varnish reverse-board gatefold sleeve. * Download Code Included Description (English): Like master painters exploring a subject over a lifetime’s work, Kevin Martin and Dylan Carlson – The [...] Continue Reading

Pharaoh Overlord - 6000 km/h (1LP Limited Edition)

* 1LP Limited Edition Description (English): Ektro Records’ vision is to offer “outstanding solutions of subversive sound art”. Key paths to realizing the vision are “harmonizing production lines” and “maximizing synergy advantages”. As part of this strategy, the company launched a new, innovative concept in 2014: The “6000 km/h” brand. 6000 km/h is a product line of high [...] Continue Reading

Pharaoh Overlord - Circle (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition Description (English): Circle’s Pharaoh Overlord is bound to contest all speculations you ever heard of these savant ritualists. What’s clear is that Pharaoh Overlord means the intrusion of the namesake of this album into Circle. It is a forest of fire. Their self-possessed purge from self-referentiality, oddly enough, intensifies the paradox-ridden spree with which Circle [...] Continue Reading

Sophie Hutchings - Wide Asleep (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition Description (English): Sophie Hutchings is a pianist and composer from Sydney. She began teaching herself piano at an early age before any tuition, developing her unique style through countless hours of secret practice. Hutchings has released three instrumental works to date, Becalmed, Night Sky and White Light, receiving fine recognition internationally for elegant and [...] Continue Reading

Rob Mazurek Matthew Lux Mikel Avery - Alternate Moon Cycles (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition Description (English): When Rob Mazurek’s mentor and collaborator, the avant-garde composer and trumpeter Bill Dixon, passed away in the summer of 2010, it was with most bittersweet pang and somber salute that Mazurek imagined “100 Cs for Dixon,” a performance piece centered on the continuous sound of the C note through an amplified cornet. [...] Continue Reading

Mugstar - Ad Marginem O.S.T. (1LP +DVD Edition)

* 1LP +DVD Edition Description (English): Merseyside’s finest psychedelic rock unit finally deliver their first new album proper since ‘…Sun, Broken…’ for Important Records in 2010. They embark ‘Ad Marginem’ with a sense of purpose on ‘Rite I’ and ‘Memorial’ converging in a slow rising mass of organ drone and tentative guitar urged by motorik bass drum, [...] Continue Reading

Should - A Folding Sieve +6 (1LP Edition, Reissued, Remastered)

* 1LP Edition, Reissued, Remastered * MP3 download includes 18 tracks. Description (English): As the first contribution to the Captured Tracks’ Shoegaze Archives series, Should offers ‘A Folding Sieve’. This classic take on the genre lends waves of euphoric dream pop sounds similar to My Bloody Valentine. This album was originally released in 1995 under the name shiFT [...] Continue Reading

Free/Slope - Daydream Melodies (1LP Limited Edition)

* 1LP Limited Edition * Limited to 200 copies * Download Code Included Description (English): ‘Daydream Melodies’ is the debut-album by Free/Slope, a.k.a.Gothenburg, Sweden-based Daniel Fridlund Brandt. Daniel, also a member of Animal Daydream and My Brother The Wind, is not your average bedroom producer/artist, since ‘Daydream Melodies’ is a fully realized, rich sounding, kraut-rockish, psychedelic mini-masterpiece of the [...] Continue Reading



[20th May] dadamachines workshop at white noise records -Free Entry-

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE dadamachines workshop at white noise records we are honored to host a special event dadamachines workshop at White Noise in store on ...

(22th-April) Record Store Day In-Store party

Facebook event page 不經不覺,原來Record Store Day已經來到第十個年頭,而今年也是我們White Noise第三年參與是次活動。 也...

(10th-March) Sundays & Cybele シベールの日曜日 – Chaos & Systems Live In Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE Japanese Underground對香港Indie界來說,一直都是這麼遠那麼近。 過往曾來港演出的相關名字,說多不多...

(10th-Feb) 大象體操 Elephant Gym < 工作 WORK > Live In Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]

Facebook event page 大象體操——你的名字已令我們直接想像得到當中的極端的矛盾。 溫柔人性化與機械程式化,兩者表...

Breathing Machines -Sound & Visual- Instore performance [SOLD OUT]

Facebook event page BREATHING MACHINES "Sound & Visual" In-store performance Date: Dec 23th (Friday) Time: 8pm Entrance fee: HKD$60 (at door only) ...

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