tricot - A N D (Hong Kong Digipack CD, Free Sticker) – Pre-Order

* Hong Kong Digipack Edition, 14p booklet * all pre-order copy will included 10cmx10cm free sticker. * Attention: HK Edition will be release and send out on coming Tuesday (31st-March) since the delay of the factory products. sorry for any inconvenience caused * Please note: items labeled as ...

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tfvsjs - equal unequals to equal (Special cardboard package, 2nd Edition, Repress)

* Special cardboard package, 2nd Edition, Repress Biography (English): tfvsjs has been formed for 10 years. Experienced countless of compromise. After several lineup changes, they finally settled on Adonian Chan and Milk Tsang on guitars; Sean Pang on bass; and Chapman So and Antonio Fung on dr...

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Kahimi Karie + Thurston Moore + Jim O'Rourke - All Kinds of People ~ Love Burt Bacharach (1LP Japanese Gatefold Limited Edition)

* 1LP Japanese Gatefold Limited Edition Description (English): Jim O’Rourke has produced All Kinds of People ~Love Burt Bacharach~, a tribute album featuring 11 pieces of the legendary songwriter’s most famous work as covered by Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore, O’Rourke himself, former Bac...

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Anoice - Into The Shadows (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition Description (English): We are losing something important, aren't we? It has been three years since the release of Anoice’s third album 'The Black Rain' not only in US, Europe and Asia, but also Russia. An album that was selected as one of the top albums of the year by...

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Arµ-2 + Lee (Asano+Ryuhei) ‎ - Tanhâ (Japanese CD Edition)

* Digipack CD Description (English): Japan’s rising artists, Ryuhei Asano & Arµ-2, collaborated on a recent track that has many thrilled. The modernity of this track alongside the perfect infusion of reggae, hip-hop and jazz creates a meditative feel for their listeners. The image itself...

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Tokyo Kid Brothers - The Moon Is East, The Sun Is West 西遊記 (Japanese Paper Sleeve CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Paper Sleeve Edition Biography (English): Seldom seen or heard session by the experimental Japanese theatre commune. A strange mixture of traditional Japanese musical with incantations / eastern and western instrumentation / avantgarde / strange folk and acid rock psychedelia. The track GOEIKA is maybe the closest to their notorious Golden Bat – Nurse With [...] Continue Reading

Tenjo Sajiki 天井桟敷 - Let’s Go Into The Streets, Throw Away The Books 書を捨てよ!町へ出よう! 天井棧敷 演劇&映画音楽集 (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Jewel Case Edition Biography (English): Tenjo Sajiki, also Tenjou Sajiki (天井桟敷 Tenjō Sajiki?), was a Japanese independent theater troupe led by Shūji Terayama and active between 1967 and 1983 (until Terayama’s death). A major phenomenon on the Japanese underground scene, the group has produced a number of stage works marked by experimentalism, folklore influences, [...] Continue Reading

Nobuyasu Okabayashi 岡林信康 - 岡林四十五景 (Japanese 3CD Edition)

* Japanese 3CD Jewel Case Edition Biography (English): Nobuyasu Okabayashi (岡林 信康 Okabayashi Nobuyasu) (July 22, 1946 -) is a folk singer born in Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. He is known to his fans as the ‘god of Folk’ and as ‘Japan’s Bob Dylan’. His childhood home was his father’s church (established by William Merrell Vories, the [...] Continue Reading

Cicala Mvta - Non e Muta. 20th Anniversary Anthology (Japanese 2CD Edition)

* Japanese 2CD Jewel Case Edition Description (English): 2 CD set to celebrate 20 years since the extraordinary Cicala Mvta released their first album. The name ‘Cicala Mvta’ (pronounced Shikala Moota, Italian for a mute cicada) is a tribute to Soeda Azembo, the greatest street singer and songwriter of popular music in Japan, who was reduced to [...] Continue Reading

Cicala Mvta - CICALA-MVTA 20th Anniversary Live at Taku Taku (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Jewel Case Edition Description (English): Cicala Mvta Double Quartet featuring some of Japan’s best new jazz/improv musicians, Wataru Ohkuma (clarinet) Yoichiro Kita (trumpet) Yoshiki Sakurai (guitar) Yoshiaki Sato (accordion) Takero Sekizima (tuba, recorder) Gideon Juckes (tuba) Tatsuya Yoshida (drums, vocals) Miwazow Kogure (ching-dong, percussion). Live album recorded at Nagoya Tokuzo and Kyoto Taku Taku [...] Continue Reading

Cicala Mvta - Dies Irae (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Jewel Case Edition Description (English): First full album from the brilliant, scaled down version of Cicala Mvta. Quite frankly though, this record doesn’t sound too scaled down and there are eight musicians involved. Some tracks have been recorded by Cicala Mvta before (Weeked of a Clown, Right to Live in Peace) but are arranged [...] Continue Reading

J. A. Seazer - The Young Person’s Guide To J. A. Seazer 青少年のためのJ・A・シーザー入門 (Japanese 2CD Edition)

* Japanese 2CD Jewel Case Edition Biography (English): Julius Arnest Caesar, born Terahara Taka’aki (寺原 孝明), 6 October 1948), is a film and theater music composer. Seazer enjoyed popularity among students in Japan during the 1960s, and worked closely with director Shuji Terayama and his theater Tenjo Sajiki until Terayama’s death (besides incidental music, he wrote a [...] Continue Reading

Sun Ra - Media Dreams (Japanese Gatefold Limited 2CD Edition, 復刻CD)

* Japanese Gatefold Limited 2CD Edition, 復刻CD Description (English): This is the companion to Disco 3000, made on the same classic Italian quartet tour with John Gilmore, Michael Ray (trumpet) and the minimal but perfect Luqman Ali (drums). Ra himself plays piano and electronic keyboards, including the mysterious Crumar Mainman, which Ra describes as like a piano, [...] Continue Reading

Sun Ra And His Solar Arkestra - On Jupiter (Japanese Mini-LP Limited CD Edition, 復刻CD)

* Japanese Mini-LP Limited CD Edition, 復刻CD Description (English): Whatever it was that sparked Sun Ra to investigate the funk between 1976 and 1979, we should all be thankful that he did. Having explored dreamy languid rhythms before ? with off?key arrangements and chants on records like New Steps, Lanquidity, Of Mythic Worlds, and Disco 3000 ? [...] Continue Reading

Shugo Tokumaru Tenniscoats Various - TONOFON FESTIVAL & SOLO 2011 (Japanese DVD Edition, 数量限定商品)

* Japanese DVD Edition * NTSC ALL / 16:9 / MPEG-2 Description (Japanese): トノフォン主催による2つのフェス/イベントの模様を収めた DVDが数量限定で発売決定 全出演アーティスト7組のライブ 計21曲収録 副音声付き Tracklisting: 【 TONOFON FESTIVAL 2011 収録曲 】 1. パスカルズ “かもめ” 2. パスカルズ “のはら” 3. 王舟 “Thailand” 4. 王舟 “瞬間” 5. サケロック “Hello Po” 6. サケロック “MUDA” 7. 山本精一&PHEW “鼻” 8. 山本精一&PHEW “そら” 9. Shugo Tokumaru “Lahaha” 10. Shugo Tokumaru “Green Rain” 11. Shugo Tokumaru “Rum Hee” 12. Shugo Tokumaru “Malerina” 【 TONOFON SOLO 2011 収録曲 】 1. Alfred Beach [...] Continue Reading



White Noise proudly presents “toe” exclusive showcase 2014 Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]

Facebook event page Date: September 3rd (Wednesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 21:00 VENUE : Music Zone @ E-max, KITEC 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon...

White Noise presents ELEPHANT GYM 大象體操首張專輯 < ANGLE 角度> 亞洲巡迴香港站 at Hidden Agenda, 15th-Aug [Advanced / Online Ticketing are SOLD OUT]

Facebook event page 所有預售門票與及網上票經已售罄,我們將會有少量即場門票於十五號晚發售,多謝大家支持,下星期...

White Noise presents RUSSIAN CIRCLES “Memorial” Asia Tour 2014 Live in Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 22th-July [Advanced / Online Ticket are available now]

facebook event page Date: July 22th (Tuesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 20:30 local supporting: ANWIYCTI VENUE : Hidden Agenda 香港牛頭...

White Noise’s 10th Anniversary presents Hotel New Tokyo (JP) plus a picture of her (JP) Live in Hong Kong at Music Zone, 12th-April [Advanced and Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page 為慶祝 White Noise 十週年,繼 sgt. 及 tricot 之後,四月份我哋將會為大家帶來兩隊分別來自日本樂隊,ur...

White Noise presents What’s Ochansensu-Su!? TRICOT Asia Tour 2014 Live in Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 11th-Mar [Advance/Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page Date: March 11th (Tuesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 20:30 local supporting: tfvsjs VENUE : Hidden Agenda 香港牛頭角...

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