TotorRo - Home Alone +2 (Japan Edition, Bonus)

* Japan Edition CD, 2 Bonus Tracks. Biography (English): TotorRo are a post-metal, post-rock band from Rennes, France. They have released to date, a self titled ep in Sep 2008 and a 4 song full length titled All Glory To John Baltor in Oct 2011. Both of which are available at http://totorro.ban...

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Sleep Party People - Floating

* Hong Kong Digipack Edition Review (English): “As a sonic architect, Batz proves to be something close to a Genius ... Wonderful" - The Sunday Times “An intelligent, delicate, crisp yet hazy and tentatively emotional record” - Fake DIY “Perfect.” - The Line of Best Fit Descrip...

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王榆鈞與時間樂隊 Yujun Wang & TIMEr - 頹圮花園 Abandoned Garden (2CD)

* Released in gatefold heavy hard book 2 CD package About Yujun Wang (English): Yujun Wang graduated from the Applied Drama and Theater Department at National Taiwan University of Arts. She currently works as a singer-songwriter and composer who explores the border between music and sound, as w...

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大象體操 Elephant Gym - 角度 ANGLE

* Jewel Case * Mixing and Mastering by Mino Takaaki from toe Biography (English): Elephant Gym is a bass driven, Math-Rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Formed in 2012. The Band is composed of Tif on bass, Tell on guitar and Chia-Chin on drums. The music of Elephant Gym is known for clear and m...

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BORIS - NOISE (Limited 180gram Japanese 2LP Vinyl Release)

* Limited Japanese 2LP Vinyl Release * 1st edition 180 gram Biography (English): 1) Boris are a Japanese experimental rock band formed in Tokyo in 1992. The band’s original lineup consisted of Atsuo, Takeshi, Wata, and Nagata who was the band’s original drummer. After his departure, Atsuo ...

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Anwiycti - A New World If You Can Take It (CD Edition)

* Jewel Case Biography (English): ANWIYCTI formed in 2012 and officially signed with a local record label IMAGINE IMAGINE IMAGINE Records in late 2013. The first single, “Daydreaming the Daydream” released as preparation for their debut album launch in February 2014. The first show is opening for Clockenflap 2013. “There is something unusual.” That would be the first impression [...] Continue Reading


* Japan Jewel Case Biography (English): A deepshare of sound and melody, N.O.R.K. formed in the college students. ADSR is the debut Mini album and incl a remix of HNC, Lady Citizen and Licaxxx. Tracklisting: 1.The Fall 2.Yell Out 3.Offense 4.Umbrella 5.The Fall(HNC Fugue and Her Rosary Mix) 6.Yell Out (Lady Citizen Remix) 7.Offense (Licaxxx Remix) Continue Reading

The Tidal Sleep - The Tidal Sleep + Four Song Ep +3 (Japan Special Edition, Bonus)

* Japanese Special CD format, 3 Bonus Tracks. Profile (English): Over the last two years The Tidal Sleep from south germany worked their way up to the top five german modern hardcorebands by playing over 100 shows with bands like Defeater, Xerxes, Funeral For A Friend… The debut LP was sold out within a couple of weeks [...] Continue Reading

Mermonte - Audiorama +2 (Japan Edition, Bonus)

* Japan Edition CD, 2 Bonus Tracks. Description (English): Mermonte was created a few years ago in the mind of the composer and multi-instrumentalist Ghislain Fracapane. He wanted to write pop songs inspired by the great artists of previous generations (The Beatles, Jim O’ Rourke, Gastr Del Sol, The Beach Boys, The Cure, Steve Reich, Tortoise) as well [...] Continue Reading

Chihei Hatakeyama 畠山地平 - Sacrifice For Pleasure

* Japan Digipack package Description (English): Hatakeyma inspired by an anecdote of Duncan McDougall, which attempts to measure the weight of the soul by recording the change in body weight when humans die, and idea of the eternal recurrence of Nietzsche. he made minimal phrase by hand in the performance. And the combined action of the modulation is [...] Continue Reading

Shelling - Aquarium Sympathy

* Japan cardboard package Description (English): Tokyo based pop-shoegaze Shelling release their new 2nd Album on White Paddy Mountain. Following last year’s 1st album, they having spent 2013 touring and having made this album. it was inspired by water and beautiful nature in japan. “shelling” is aya(vocal,guitar,compose) and shota(guitar). and their sounds is called “sherbet pop” in japan. [...] Continue Reading

Machinefabriek - Halfslaap II / Stiltetonen

* Japan cardboard package Description (English): Like Halfslaap (released on a 3-inch by Standard Form in 2010), Halfslaap II is a very restrained, meditative piece with a slow and subtle development that seems to play tricks with the notion of time. The hypnotic quality of Halfslaap II comes from two simple violin phrases with are almost identical, [...] Continue Reading

Chihei Hatakeyama 畠山地平 Hakobune - It Is, It Isn’t

* Japan cardboard package Description (English): “It is, it isn’t” is a record of a real session. This album is practically unedited; songs are recorded in order they were played. the album has three tracks which were recorded in Chihei Hatakeyama’s studio. the looped, minimalistic electric guitar melody transformed to imaginary drone sound. floating electric guitar drone are pulling [...] Continue Reading

Opitope - A Colony Of Kuala Mute Geeks

* Japan cardboard package Description (English): “a colony of kuala mute geeks” is made up of 6 songs. many guest electronic musicians have gone in this album such as Asuna, Carl Stone, Christophe Charles, Christopher Willits, Hans Reichel, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Tagomago, Taylor Deupree, Tetsuro Yasunaga and Toshimaru Nakamura. inspirations of mixing and editing on “a colony of kuala [...] Continue Reading

Fraqsea - Majoram

* Japan cardboard package Description (English): Majoram is fraqsea’s brand new first full length album. fraqsea “aya” is vocalist of Shoegazer band “shelling”. This wonderful album is produced, mixed and mastered by White Paddy Mountain mastermind Chihei Hatakeyama. folk and electronica track “sparrow”, which is one of the most popular tracks from the album. you will find fraqsea’s beautiful [...] Continue Reading



White Noise presents ELEPHANT GYM 大象體操首張專輯 < ANGLE 角度> 亞洲巡迴香港站 at Hidden Agenda, 15th-Aug [Advanced / Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page 也許是因為Math Rock粉絲; 也許是因為支持台灣Indie; 也許是因為替本地樂隊tfvsjs暖場; 也許是因為...

White Noise presents RUSSIAN CIRCLES “Memorial” Asia Tour 2014 Live in Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 22th-July [Advanced / Online Ticket are available now]

facebook event page Date: July 22th (Tuesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 20:30 local supporting: ANWIYCTI VENUE : Hidden Agenda 香港牛頭...

White Noise’s 10th Anniversary presents Hotel New Tokyo (JP) plus a picture of her (JP) Live in Hong Kong at Music Zone, 12th-April [Advanced and Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page 為慶祝 White Noise 十週年,繼 sgt. 及 tricot 之後,四月份我哋將會為大家帶來兩隊分別來自日本樂隊,ur...

White Noise presents What’s Ochansensu-Su!? TRICOT Asia Tour 2014 Live in Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 11th-Mar [Advance/Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page Date: March 11th (Tuesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 20:30 local supporting: tfvsjs VENUE : Hidden Agenda 香港牛頭角...

White Noise presents sgt. (JP) Live In Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 21th-Feb [Advance/Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page 2014 will be an 10th Anniversary of White Noise Records. we can't believe it but honor that can stay here for 10 years. sgt. is the firs...

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