FM3 - Buddha Machine 1 (2017 Edition Loop Box, Reissue)

* Loop Box * Requires 2 AA batteries (not included). * Strictly ship to Hong Kong, Taiwan and China only. Description (English): In 2005 the Beijing-based duo of Christiaan Virant and Zhang Jian released their first “Buddha Machine” loop box, a quirky pocket sound system that propel...

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toe - But That’s Another Story (Japanese CD Edition) – Pre-Order

* CD Edition * Please note: items labeled as ‘Pre-Order’, can be purchased but will be shipped to arrive on the official release date. Orders containing Pre-Order items will be held until all products are available for dispatch. Description (English): 'But That's Another Story' is the comp...

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Nils Frahm - All Melody (2LP Edition) – Pre-Order

* 2LP Edition, Download Code Included * The cover art was taken by photographer Lia Darjes in Nils’ new studio and designed by Torsten Posselt at FELD. A series of these in-studio photos will be included in a booklet with the physical copy of All Melody. * Please note: items labeled as ‘Pre-O...

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Danny Mulhern - Reflections on a Dead Sea (1LP Gatefold Limited Colored Edition)

* 1LP Gatefold Limited Colored Edition Description (English): Danny Mulhern is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer from London. He writes music for film and mostly works with small ensembles, mixing live instruments, synthesis and beats, combining contemporary classical with ambient/...

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Shin Sakiura - Mirror (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition * Description (English): Japanese musician and producer Shin Sakiura debut album 'Mirror'. Includes 11 tracks featuring Komei, Itsuki also MATTON from PEALLAS. Description (Japanese): 注目のニューカマー、プロデューサー/ギタリストShin Sakiuraに...

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Wasaburou Watanabe - Cycling (Japanese 1LP Edition)

* Japanese 1LP Edition Description (Japanese): 札幌国際芸術祭2014にて、坂本龍一が審査員を務めた「都市空間のサウンドコンペティショ ン」グランプリを受賞した”Song of The Planet”他、2012年から2017年までに制作された楽曲から全9曲を収録した、アンビエント~フォークトロニカの傑作アルバムです。 鳥のさえずり、風や砂など自然物が生み出す環境音に、自身が演奏するギターやベース、オルガ ン、パーカッションをレイヤーさせ、どこまでも心地よいサウンドスケープを描き出す香川県在住のアー ティスト、Wasaburou Watanabe(渡邊 和三郎)。 高く評価された前述のB4″Song of The Planet”以外にも、タブラとハングドラムが織りなすオリエンタルなグルーヴと環境音が融合した幻想的なA1″Letter to Jupiter”、香川県高松市の伝統工芸士の作業音で構築されたビートに、有機的なアコースティック・ギターが絡むA3″The Sound of Manufacturing Tradition”など、ノスタルジックな感情を喚起する美しい楽曲集です。 Tracklisting: 01. Letter to jupiter Tabla – Shinsuke Inoue 02. Girls Plants 03. The Sounds of Manufacturing Tradition Working sound – Kota Matsumoto . Michiko Hanazawa . Junichi Asakura . Kenichiro Shimamoto . Saeko Asada . Sayuri [...] Continue Reading

KASHIF - BlueSongs (Japanese 1LP Edition)

* Japanese 1LP Edition * Cover Illustrayion: Hiroshi Nagai 永井博 Description (Japanese): 数々の作品に関わってきたマルチ・ミュージシャン、KASHIFによる待望のソロ名義アルバム。ゲスト・ヴォーカルに一十三十一、作詞に鴨田潤、マスタリングに砂原良徳、アートワークに永井博という鉄壁の布陣でおくる、2017年の最新型和製モダンソウルの名盤です! 横浜を拠点に活動するアーバン・ミュージック集団Pan Pacific Playa所属のギタリスト/トラックメイカーであり、JINTANA&EMERALDSのメンバーとして活躍。一十三十一、スチャダラパー、(((さらうんど)))、G.RINA、Sugar’s Campaignなど名だたるアーティストの作品に参加してきたKASHIFによる、今年度ベストの呼び声も高いソロ名義アルバムです。 柔らかなギターの音色で幕が開け、浮遊感に溢れるシンセやSEが飛び交うアンビエンスなトラックに、KASHIFのメロウな歌声が溶け込む”Breezing”は、Princeの”Crazy You”を彷彿とさせる極上のアンビエント・ソウル・ナンバー。早々に名盤であることを確信させる完璧なオープニング・チューンです。一十三十一のしなやかなヴォーカルと、寄り添うようなKASHIFの歌声が心地良い”The Night”は、軽快なカッティングとリズム・マシンに、シンセ・ベースが跳ねるディスコ・ブギー・チューン。オールドスクールなビートが耳を惹く90’sライクなアーバン・ソウル”Desperate Coffee”、ソフィスティケイトされたAORトラックにディストーション・ギターが切り込む”BGM”など、捨て曲は一切なし。構成も含めて完璧な1枚です。 Tracklisting: A1. Breezing A2. On and On A3. The Night A4. Clean Up A5. Desperate Coffee B1. PPP I Love You (Part2.1) B2. You B3. Neverland B4. Be Colorful B5. BGM B6. PPP I Love You (Part3) Continue Reading

Yahyel - Iron / Rude (Japanese 12″ Vinyl Edition)

* Japanese 12inch Vinyl Edition Description (Japanese): 2016年11月のデビュー・アルバム『Flesh and Blood』発売以降、単独公演は即完売、出演するフェスでは入場規制がかかるほど破竹の勢いで成長を遂げるyahyel(ヤイエル)が待望の新曲を収録したアナログ盤を数量限定でリリース決定!Gapのミュージックプロジェクト「1969 RECORDS」とのコラボレーション・トラックとして発表され、メンバーの山田健人が監督をつとめたMVも大きな話題を呼び、祈るようなメロディで高まるホーリーなムードから後半のハードコアなドロップへの展開が既にライヴのハイライトを飾る「Iron」、そして陽性クラウドR&Bなトラックとヴォーカルのリフレインが何度でも耳を運びたくなる「Rude」とyahyelの新たな魅力が詰まった全2曲を収録。 Tracklisting: Side A 01. Iron Side B 02. Rude Continue Reading

Throbbing Gristle - The Taste Of TG (Japanese HQCD Edition, Reissue)

* Japanese HQCD Edition, Reissue Description (English): There’s nowt we can add to the mountain of writing already on Throbbing Gristle. But, in context of the release, for the uninitiated, afeared, or just plain ignorant listeners out there who haven’t a clue what TG are about, we advise cupping this album with both hands and drinking deeply, [...] Continue Reading

Throbbing Gristle - The Second Annual Report (Japanese 2HQCD Edition, Reissue)

* Japanese 2HQCD Edition, Reissue Description (English): For the first time in 30 years, Throbbing Gristle are now back on their own original Industrial Records label. Industrial Records — the sole representative of, and only official label representing and releasing records by the band — present the re-release of TG’s first five albums on vinyl and CD. [...] Continue Reading

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Japanese 2HQCD Edition, Reissue)

* Japanese 2HQCD Edition, Reissue Description (English): TG channel Martin Denny, and suddenly gain the unique superpower to turn into an off-kilter minimal disco act on a whim. On the first side, in between the ticking keyboard beats, the band blindly feels it’s way around a synth-vibrophone, making little poisoned butterflies to give you a break between [...] Continue Reading

Various - Future Bubblers 1.0 (1LP Limited Edition)

* 1LP Limited Edition * Limited to 500 copies Description (English): This new, especially-recorded compilation is your introduction to Future Bubblers: the Gilles Peterson-founded, England-wide programme for new artists, it’s a movement to discover and support the next generation of music-makers. All profits from the release will be re-invested into the project. Consisting of nine, ear-pricking snapshots of the [...] Continue Reading

Illum Sphere - Glass EP2 (12″ Vinyl Limited Edition)

* 12″ Vinyl Limited Edition * Limited to 500 copies * Download Code Included Description (English): Illum Sphere’s 2016 album “Glass” was a focussed statement from the DJ and producer – a poised reflection on detachment and an assertion of his many talents. Now Glass has been reworked across two fresh 12” releases via Ninja Tune. For the second [...] Continue Reading

Illum Sphere - Glass EP1 (12″ Vinyl Limited Edition)

* 12″ Vinyl Limited Edition * Limited to 500 copies * Download Code Included Description (English): Following the release of his recent Glass full length, Illum Sphere releases a 12” including remixes from Machine Woman and Gavsborg of Equiknoxx, a digital download of ‘Wounded” by Fotomachine and the single “Fall Into Water” from the album. Tracklisting: A Fall Into Water B1 Paradise [...] Continue Reading

Ibeyi - Ash (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition * special digisleeve with belly band. Description (English): French-Cuban twins Ibeyi are back with their second album ‘Ash’, a record that tackles subjects as diverse as womanhood, spirituality, activism and racism, all conveyed in Ibeyi’s own unique blend of modern pop, hip-hop and electronic influenced music that incorporates the traditional sounds of Yorùbá. ‘Ash’ is [...] Continue Reading



[15th SEP] downy Live In Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE 自2000年出道以來,日本Indie樂隊downy就注定難以被定形。 由日印混血兒青木Robin擔任主音歌手兼結他...

[10th Sep] Dälek DJ SET at White Noise Records

Dälek DJ SET at White Noise Records Will Brooks AKA Dälek Will Brooks (Dälek) has been a fixture in the underground experimental, hip hop, noise, and el...

[20th May] dadamachines workshop at white noise records -Free Entry-

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE dadamachines workshop at white noise records we are honored to host a special event dadamachines workshop at White Noise in store on ...

(22th-April) Record Store Day In-Store party

Facebook event page 不經不覺,原來Record Store Day已經來到第十個年頭,而今年也是我們White Noise第三年參與是次活動。 也...

(10th-March) Sundays & Cybele シベールの日曜日 – Chaos & Systems Live In Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE Japanese Underground對香港Indie界來說,一直都是這麼遠那麼近。 過往曾來港演出的相關名字,說多不多...

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