Anoice - Into The Shadows (Japanese CD Edition) – Pre-Order

* Japanese CD Edition * Please note: items labeled as ‘Pre-Order’, can be purchased but will be shipped to arrive on the official release date. Orders containing Pre-Order items will be held until all products are available for dispatch. Description (English): We are losing something impor...

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Arµ-2 + Lee (Asano+Ryuhei) ‎ - Tanhâ (Japanese CD Edition)

* Digipack CD Description (English): Japan’s rising artists, Ryuhei Asano & Arµ-2, collaborated on a recent track that has many thrilled. The modernity of this track alongside the perfect infusion of reggae, hip-hop and jazz creates a meditative feel for their listeners. The image itself...

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Haruka Nakamura - 音楽のある風景 (Customized 2CD case)

* Gold foil box, customized 2CD case, booklet + Bonus download track Description (English): We first introduced haruka nakamura's first full-length piano-based album 'twilight' in 2010. The studio-recorded album was extolled and acclaimed by fans and critics alike in Japan. Building on the s...

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Haruka Nakamura + Nujabes - Lamp (12″ Vinyl Edition + CD)

* Released in 12 inch format with CD. * Be Aware: one purchase copy for each customer Description (English): This is the first single release from his latest album " Melodica" which released in Hyde Out on last year. Biography (English): Haruka Nakamura is a composer based Tokyo, Japan, an...

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Chomskii - Made In Hong Kong Vol. 2 (Mix-CD)

* Paper-sleeve gatefold CD, Limited to 150 copies * illustration by Yuta Okamura Description (English): Ultra Rare Groove from 70’s~80’s Hong Kong and Asian counties, Mixed by Chomskii. selected a lots of local HK rare groove and NEVER-HEARD song. includes "Julie Sue - Day Dreaming", "Ronn...

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Gravenhurst - Flashlight Season / Black Holes In The Sand / Offerings: Lost Songs 2000 – 2004 (Special deluxe 3CD set)

* 3CD set in slipcase Edition Description (English): As well as releasing a collection of previously unheard tracks and demos, Warp are celebrating 10 years of work with Gravenhurst by offering this bundle of CD reissues. The package includes the full reissued CDs of Flashlight Seasons, Lost Songs and Black Holes In The Sand with a booklet, [...] Continue Reading

e:ch Evade Various - Mowave : SOUNDSCAPE (Macao Electronic Music CD Compilation)

* CD Edition Description (Chinese): “Mowave”是一個澳門的原創音樂計劃。以電子音樂(Electronic)、環境音樂(Ambient)及實驗音樂(Experimental)風格為主的不同音樂人,由2012年開始以Mowave的名義舉辦不同音樂演出,並於2015年1月出版首張音樂合輯”Mowave : Soundscape”。 專輯視覺設計由 MO-DESIGN 負責,封面的黑色山形雕塑裝置是其作品 Landscape 系列的#2, 而Landscape#1 曾於香港新媒體藝術展“聲的形態”中展出。於唱片廠牌4daz-le Records(科達思呢)出版(曾出版No.69、Dr.、EVADE等澳門音樂人及樂隊的唱片), 唱片母帶後期工作於英國進行處理。專輯屬100%澳門原創音樂,收錄有15首來自澳門音樂人及樂隊的作品。 活躍於劇場音樂界的音樂人Kaze Patricio Chan,以電子流行風格的一曲“I’m Falling Down”為專輯作開場;樂隊EVADE近年已衝出本地音樂市場,唱片於日本、新加坡及歐美等地均有發售,取自專輯”Destroy & Dream”內的一曲”尋找佛洛依德的虛無飄渺”亦收錄於本專輯內。 源於歐美地區的”UKBass”及”Dubstep” 等電子舞曲風潮,多年來在澳門均有所發展。其中具代表性的多位音樂人– nOISE808及N1D,分別為大家帶來”Too Low” 及”The First Sight”兩首尖端的舞曲作品;Faye Choi、SYT及Sinking Summer各自的作品”Bond”、”Melancholia”及”Inblood”,不約而同地帶有明顯Dub音樂風格的節奏動態;Burnie的”Narcissus”,把舞曲音樂與東方傳統音樂元素融合再生。 唱作女歌手Eva Tana帶來一曲 “Situation”, 氛圍化的背景音樂襯托於結他彈唱下,表現出憂傷的美感;新生代搖滾樂隊Crosshair的兩位成員:主音Felix Januário Vong及結他手Matthew Ho,以Carl Cixous作組合名義,帶來富有電影配樂色彩的作品”Echoes From Islay Island”。 唱片廠牌4daz-le Records(科達思呢)主腦人物Lobo Ip,自90年代起已活躍於澳門音樂界,同時身兼音樂製作人/DJ/結他手/音樂教師等多重身份,這次Lobo為其曾參與的澳門搖滾樂隊”東方紅”的作品,製作了全新的電子風格版本;EVADE樂隊女主音Sonia Ka Ian Lao,早前出版了個人音樂專輯”Stars”,當中具有Dream-Pop音樂元素的一曲”花”亦收錄於本次專輯內。 澳門搖滾樂隊Forget The G核心成員Eric Ch,近年以”e:ch”為代號,在實驗音樂領域前進探索。這次聯同其樂隊隊友鍵琴手Frog W,以e:ch & the forgottens的名義,帶來了一曲”Swamp”;以Analog音樂器材構築電子實驗音樂作品的Jansky.Hz,作品”Alien Army March”,以電子噪音虛擬出蟻群在耳邊經過的聽覺經歷;音樂風格獨特、歌詞發人深思的電子音樂人SCORPIO-L,最後以“Mission Hypergiant”一曲為專輯作結。 Tracklisting: 01.Kaze Patricio [...] Continue Reading

Lubomyr Melnyk - Evertina (CD Edition)

* CD Edition Description (English): Erased Tapes first introduced Lubomyr Melnyk and his unique continuous music technique to a wider audience with ‘Corollaries’, an album produced by Peter Broderick in 2013. Now he returns with a 24-minute mini album entitled ‘Evertina’. Featuring three newly composed solo piano pieces, the long-form EP showcases another side to Lubomyr Melnyk [...] Continue Reading

Ena - Bilateral (CD Edition)

* Digipack CD Edition Description (English): 7even Recordings present the first album on the label by ENA, including the tracks “Community Space” and “86 Loop” as heard in Resident Advisor’s “Real Scenes: Tokyo” documentary: . Tokyo, Japan: 2013. In a city where time and space can easily become uncontrollable factors, the underground electronic music scene has [...] Continue Reading

Zainichi Funk 在日ファンク - Bakudan Kowai 爆弾こわい (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition Biography (English): Second album release from ZAINICHI FUNK. In Japanese, the band is called “在日ファンク.” Best known in the US for “Scary Bomb,” which video has gone viral on YouTube. Zainichi Funk has the same frontman as SAKEROCK. Description (Japanese): 爆弾こわい [通常盤] / 在日ファンク 在日ファンク、待望の 2nd.Album Release! レコーディング・エンジニアに、キリンジ等手がける柏井日向 氏を迎えての充実作!! Tracklisting: 1. イントロの才能 1:13 2. こまくやぶれる 5:46 3. 爆弾こわい 4:01 4. マルマルファンク 6:27 5. [...] Continue Reading

Soulperfreesia - Amalgamation (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition Description (English): Soulpersona and Princess Freesia join forces with Amalgamation as Soulperfreesia, a superb collection of mainly up tempo feel good tracks. Freesia vocals are great throughout, check her adlib on dancefloor smash ‘Making Music’s what we do’. ‘Saving all my kisses’, ‘Sound Machine’ and ‘Love won’t do me right’ sound like an [...] Continue Reading

Beaches - She Beats (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition Description (English): Second album for sprawling Melbourne psych-rock quintet Beaches. Now on beautiful blue vinyl! Their self-titled debut emerged in 2008 (on Mistletone Records) and made the Australian Music Prize shortlist for that year, also featuring in 2010 book 100 Best Australian Albums. The band toured the US twice, played All Tomorrow’s Parties at the [...] Continue Reading

Various Rhythm Funk Masters Speedometer - Wax Poetics Japan Complied Series ‘Spinel’ (Exclusive Japanese CD Edition, Mixed)

* Japanese CD Edition Review (English): Whereas recent releases from the Wax Poetics Japan Compiled Series have looked at reissuing music from past decades with a focus on certain labels, the latest collection (put together by Masashi Funatsu) takes a look at the current generation of funk bands from different parts of the world. Representing Japan you [...] Continue Reading

Touch Of Class Joe Pass Various - Wax Poetics Japan Complied Series ‘topaz’ (Exclusive Japanese CD Edition, Mixed)

* Japanese CD Edition Review (English): Music professional journal Wax Poetics Japan keeps delivering highest quality music in the heart soul, Funk, jazz, hip hop P-VINE with and start the compilation series! First of P-VINE ‘Groove-Diggers’ and rare Groove hen, have been dug up by the ‘Return Of Jazz Funk series great inbetween sound mainly compiled past [...] Continue Reading

Yok. - Utattari Odottari Suru 歌ったり 踊ったりする (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition Description (English): Mini-album of YOK. features seven tracks total. Description (Japanese): 温かくて、せつなくて、そして静かに力強く。繊細なアコースティック・ギターの調べと、ナチュラルに優しく放たれる真の唄心。注目の女性シンガー・ソング・ライター “YOK. (ヨック)” による7曲入りミニ・アルバム完成。この唄が刻む時間はどれほど私達の心を穏やかにしてくれるのだろう。2011年には全8トラックの演奏、録音、ミキシング、すべてを自身で手掛けたファースト・アルバム『Day WithHearts』を制作。この作品は同年4月から行われる予定であった青森県美術館の青木淳×杉戸洋の企画展示の期間中に催されるライブ企画の記念用に作られたもので、ジャケットを杉戸洋が手掛けている。震災により美術館企画は中止になるが、CDは当初の予定通りほぼライブ限定で4 月にリリース。ミュージック・マガジンなどに掲載され、その後も多方面より高評価と支持を受ける。ライヴでもほぼアコースティック・ギター一本、一人で展開。シンプルであるがゆえ、その類希なるソングライティングと演奏力、そして表現力に圧倒される。海外アーティストで言うならば、ヴァシュティ・バニヤンやキャット・パワー、ジョアンナ・ニューサム、ジュリー・ドワロンなどを彷彿とさせるが、日本語歌詞によって、更なる彼女の世界観を感じ取る事が出来る。全7曲収録。 Tracklisting: 1. GYPSY 2. KITCHEN 3. HIKARI YURASU 4. TSUKI NO AKARI 5. RYOKOU 6. HOSHI FURU YORU 7. CHANDANA Continue Reading



White Noise proudly presents “toe” exclusive showcase 2014 Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]

Facebook event page Date: September 3rd (Wednesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 21:00 VENUE : Music Zone @ E-max, KITEC 1 Trademart Drive, Kowloon...

White Noise presents ELEPHANT GYM 大象體操首張專輯 < ANGLE 角度> 亞洲巡迴香港站 at Hidden Agenda, 15th-Aug [Advanced / Online Ticketing are SOLD OUT]

Facebook event page 所有預售門票與及網上票經已售罄,我們將會有少量即場門票於十五號晚發售,多謝大家支持,下星期...

White Noise presents RUSSIAN CIRCLES “Memorial” Asia Tour 2014 Live in Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 22th-July [Advanced / Online Ticket are available now]

facebook event page Date: July 22th (Tuesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 20:30 local supporting: ANWIYCTI VENUE : Hidden Agenda 香港牛頭...

White Noise’s 10th Anniversary presents Hotel New Tokyo (JP) plus a picture of her (JP) Live in Hong Kong at Music Zone, 12th-April [Advanced and Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page 為慶祝 White Noise 十週年,繼 sgt. 及 tricot 之後,四月份我哋將會為大家帶來兩隊分別來自日本樂隊,ur...

White Noise presents What’s Ochansensu-Su!? TRICOT Asia Tour 2014 Live in Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 11th-Mar [Advance/Online Ticket are available now]

Facebook event page Date: March 11th (Tuesday) Time: door open at 20:00, start at 20:30 local supporting: tfvsjs VENUE : Hidden Agenda 香港牛頭角...

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