Keine Ahnung - Keine Ahnung (12″ Vinyl Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Label: Dark Entries Records
Released: 29 Sep 2017
Genre: Electronic / Synth-pop / New Wave

Jane Weaver - The Architect (12″ Vinyl Edition)

Country: U.K.
Label: Fire Records
Released: 27 Oct 2017
Genre: Rock / Electro / Indie Pop / Synth-pop

Coldcut - What’s That Noise? (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue)

Country: E.U.
Label: Sony Music
Released: Nov 2017
Genre: Electronic / House / Breaks / Downtempo

Darius - Utopia (CD Edition)

Country: E.U.
Label: Roche Musique
Released: 24 Nov 2017
Genre: Electronic / Glitch / IDM

Darius - Utopia (180g 2LP Gatefold Edition)

Country: E.U.
Label: Roche Musique
Released: 24 Nov 2017
Genre: Electronic / Glitch / IDM

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - The Echo Of Pleasure (1LP Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Painbow Records
Released: 15 Sep 2017
Genre: Rock / Indie Rock

Tom Rogerson + Brian Eno - Finding Shore (1LP Limited Colored Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Dead Oceans
Released: 8 Dec 2017
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Modern Classical

Bill Evans + Jim Hall - Undercurrent +1 (180g 1LP Deluxe Edition, Remastered, Reissue)

Country: E.U.
Label: DOL
Released: 19 Dec 2017
Genre: Jazz

never young beach - A GOOD TIME (Japanese 1LP Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: SPEEDSTAR Bayon Production
Released: 6 Dec 2017
Genre: Rock / Japanese-Indie / Indie-Pop / City-Pop

mitsume - エスパー (Japanese CD Single Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Space Shower Music
Released: 20 Dec 2017
Genre: Indie-Rock / Indie-Pop / Japanese-Indie

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EF - Give Me Beauty… Or Give Me Death! (Japanese CD Edition)

(Japanese JewelCase Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve, one bonus track)
The debut album of this multi instrumental epic post-rock band, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden. And the Sound Records first embrace, and its 52 minutes of pure bliss. Explosions, emotions and energy in one plastic disc. The soundscapes is often compared to the once that bands like [...]

Yomoya - Yoi Toy

* Japanese Edition with Obi sleeve.
“yomoya” sounds like Seattle Alternative Band but it’s up rising new comer Japanese Band.
YOMOYA, a 4 piece band coming out of central Tokyo are an indies band with flares of electronica, post-rock, alternative, and folk all blended into a finely tuned work. They are well known for decorating their live [...]

Deerhunter - Microcastle / Weird Era Continued (2CD)

Here it is, the highly anticipated follow-up to 2007’s Cryptograms album which launched the band into the stratosphere of hype. Whether or not that was or is deserved is entirely subjective. Microcastle was recorded over the course of a week at Rare Book Studios in Brooklyn, New York with Nicolas Verhes in April of this [...]

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