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The Bollands - The Bollands

* Cardsleeve package
Description (English):
The Bollands are a foot-stomping, hand-clapping duo with way too much time on their hands. This is their debut album.
Joyce and Christian come from pretty different backgrounds. Joyce is from Malaysia and moved to New Zealand when she was a little nipper. Growing up she was bombarded with music, jamming classics on [...]

Black Reign (Aka R.S. Seizure & A. Urquiola) - Session One “Part One Two & Three”

* An unique hand painted by the artist.
* Limited to 250 copies only.
* This edition also included 2 bonus solo tracks by R.S.Seizure.
Product Description:
Black Reign started in 2007 & we recorded a few tracks, sent a few CDR’s to friends, then went on hiatus for 2 years………..
Skip to March 31st 2010, i decided to book [...]

Fantastic Day - Innocent (CD Edition)

* Jewel Case CD
Biography (English):
Conceived in a chance meeting at a Primal Scream Concert in HK, baptised after a Haircut 100 song, FantasticDay is a local-not-so-local Guitar-pop band, made up of boyish-but-not-exactly-boy members: Dee (vocal, keyboard), Chai Wai (guitar), Simon (drum), Halo (bass) and Sherman (vocal, guitar).
Sharing a mutual love for British pop music, in [...]

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