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Mensheng 門生 - 扭曲視線

Mensheng was formed in January 2006, by Joe Wu (guitar), Pakto Luk (drums) and Danny Cheng (bass) after the break-up of their previous band. In search of an additional guitarist, they met Billy Chan through seeking help from their friends. To complete the line up, Joe approached his long time friend Benny Cheng to join [...]

Fantastic Day - For Tomorrow (CD Single)

* CD Single
Biography (English):
Conceived in a chance meeting at a Primal Scream Concert in HK, baptised after a Haircut 100 song, FantasticDay is a local-not-so-local Guitar-pop band, made up of boyish-but-not-exactly-boy members: Dee (vocal, keyboard), Chai Wai (guitar), Simon (drum), Halo (bass) and Sherman (vocal, guitar).
Sharing a mutual love for British pop music, in particular, [...]

小紅帽 SilHungMo - 聽著呼吸擴張狀態 (CDEP)

* Digipack CD Edition
This is the first debut EP by SilHungMo, a four pieces Power-Pop band in Hong Kong.
SilHungMo (Little Red Riding Hood) was founded by drummer Jonathan Him, guitarists Moore and bassist KaChai Ng. Vocalist Ashley later joined in 2012. Highlighted with youth, passion and cheekiness, SilHungMo’s music has won in competitions and performed [...]

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