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My Little Airport - 香港是個大商場 Hong Kong Is One Big Shopping Mall

* Digipack CD
Description (Chinese):
My Little Airport第五張全新專輯《香港是個大商場》碟名源自系列紀錄片《時代精神》(Zeitgeist)的啟發,該片探討世界金融經濟體係為全球帶來的負面影響,而近年香港亦因各種經濟「霸權」而陷入民怨沸騰的局面,在MLA眼中,香港是個大商場,而這次,他們想唱出一些在這個「大商場」影響下,各式小人物的小故事。
01.Kowloon Park Swimming Pool
02.Charming Scarf
03.Tom Lee Ah Yin
04.I’m Here Is To Show Two Thousand
05.Pigs Disappear One By One In The City
06.Terence Concern
07.You Are Prodigal Son, Don’t Ashore
08.If You Bring Me To The Party
11.Company Reduces Staff 300 People
12.Taking A Taxi To Go To Work
13.Song Of Sisyphus
14.To Admiralty MTR Station Compartment’s Person
15.Until [...]

Chochukmo 觸執毛 - A Tragedy Your Majesty

* Jewel Case CD
Description (English):
Chochukmo’s 2nd album “A Tragedy Your Majesty”.
Biography (English):
Chochukmo is a 5-piece indie rock band based in Hong Kong, China. The members of the band have started contributing their talents and innovations into their music since the summer of 2005, with the current inventive line-up coming into their own in the spring [...]

TUX - Tux EP

* Cardsleeve package
Biography (English):
TUX is an alternative rock band who does not have any programmed elements, its music could range from indie-pop to shoegaze, but we prefer making subtle music that leaves room for imagination.
Formed in September 2012, the band has played in various venues around Hong Kong.
TUX is currently working on their first EP, [...]

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