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Vrank - Vrank

Informations (English) :
“Gothic industrial music has always possessed the mystic power that the majority is curious to probe but dares not to enter. In Hong Kong, the city that is soaked with canto-pop, vrank presents their debut album that rightly fills the void. Recognition of their music, however, does not limit to the local scene. [...]

AMK - History

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七碟裝潢包括 • 三大專輯《EP BOXSET》、《請讓我回家》、《勁歌金曲大結局》
• 兩大EP《LOVE EP》、《翻版EP》 •《RARE AMK》CD(收錄絕版《集感》卡式帶作品及其他珍罕歌曲) •《AMK真人表演》DVD(收錄多場現場演出片段及MV)
• 32頁冊子包括樂隊成員關勁松、許惠琛、麥海珊回望感言、 著名樂評人袁智聰詳盡專訪及珍貴樂隊史照片
1. Love EP (EP)
2. EP box set (專輯)
3. 翻片 EP (EP)
4. 請讓我回家 (專輯)
5. 勁歌金曲大雀局 (專輯)
6. Rare AMK (卡式帶及其他珍貴歌曲)
AMK 真人表演 DVD

Fantastic Day - For Tomorrow (CD Single)

* CD Single
Biography (English):
Conceived in a chance meeting at a Primal Scream Concert in HK, baptised after a Haircut 100 song, FantasticDay is a local-not-so-local Guitar-pop band, made up of boyish-but-not-exactly-boy members: Dee (vocal, keyboard), Chai Wai (guitar), Simon (drum), Halo (bass) and Sherman (vocal, guitar).
Sharing a mutual love for British pop music, in particular, [...]

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