Compendium (CD Edition)

Artist: Celer + Machinefabriek
Country: U.K.
Label: Irrational Arts
Released: 21 July 2015
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Abstract

Satori (CD Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Flower Travellin' Band
Country: Germany
Label: Phoenix Records
Released: 2014
Genre: Rock / Psychedelic-Rock / Japanese-Underground

海をみていたジョニー = Farewell My Johnny/ Left Alone (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Teru Sakamoto Trio
Country: Japan
Label: Solid Records
Released: 18 May 2011
Genre: Jazz / Modal

Norwich (CD Edition)

Artist: AMM
Country: U.K.
Label: Matchless Recordings
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic / Free Improvisation / Jazz / Experimental

AMMMusic 1966 (CD Edition)

Artist: AMM
Country: U.K.
Label: ReR Megacorp / Matchless Recordings
Released: 8 April 2003
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Free Improvisation / Jazz

Anywhere (Japanese CD Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Flower Travellin' Band
Country: Japan
Label: Universal Music
Released: 14 March 2007
Genre: Rock / Japanese-Underground / Psychedelic-Rock

Fanfare For The Warriors (Japanese CD Edition, Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Artist: The Art Ensemble Of Chicago
Country: Japan
Label: Atlantic
Released: 24 July 2013
Genre: Jazz / Free Jazz

In Light Of Shadows (CD Edition)

Artist: Ikue Mori
Country: U.S.
Label: Tzadik
Released: Feb 2015
Genre: Electronic / Experimental

Nessuno (CD Edition)

Artist: Pauline Oliveros + John Tilbury + Roscoe Mitchell
Country: Italy
Label: I Dischi Di Angelica
Released: May 2016
Genre: Electronic / Free Improvisation / Minimal / Jazz

Pitfall (CD Edition)

Artist: The Remote Viewers
Country: U.K.
Label: ReR Megacorp
Released: 30 Jan 2015
Genre: Jazz / Avant-garde Jazz

See also...

Fox Capture Plan Bohemianvoodoo - Color & Monochrome (Japanese 1LP Limited Edition, 数量限定盤)

* Japanese 1LP GLimited Edition
* Limited Edition of 250 copies.
* Comes with small photograph insert.
Biography (English):
Fox capture plan:
Fox capture plan is a jazz/postrock trio formed in 2011 in Tokyo, Japan.
Members are:
fox capture plan is a new jazz band formed of Kishimoto Ryo on piano (Jabberloop), Kawai Hidehiro on double bass (Immigrant’s Bossa Band) and Inoue [...]

Hans Koch Paul Lovens Sabina Meyer - Wegen Meines Beines (CD Edition)

* CD Edition
Description (English):
Sabina Meyer is a Swiss-Italian singer with a strong background in different kind of music: traditional Jewish music, the German Lieder tradition of Brecht, Eisler, and Weill, the contemporary vocal experience of Scelsi, Berio and Cage. Paul Lovens is one of the fathers of the European free improvised music and one of [...]

Kieran Hebden (aka Four Tet) Steve Reid Mats Gustafsson - Live At The South Bank (2LP Edition)

* 2LP Edition
Description (English):
“I had as much fun playing that night as I’ve ever had playing music.” – Kieran Hebden
“What’s happening here is a special relationship, like Miles and Coltrane, or Dizzy and Bird.” – Steve Reid
So spoke Steve Reid, veteran jazz drummer and percussionist, of the remarkable musical relationship he forged in the final [...]

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