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Sort Of (180g 1LP + CD Edition)

Artist: Slapp Happy
Country: Germany
Label: Tapete Records
Released: 25 Nov 2016
Genre: Electronic / Art Rock / Krautrock / Folk Rock / Rock

Your Face (12″ Vinyl Edition)

Artist: Venetian Snares
Country: U.K.
Label: Planet Mu
Released: 24 July 2015
Genre: Electronic / Breakcore / IDM

Fahrenheit Fair Enough (2LP Gatefold Limited Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Telefon Tel Aviv
Country: U.S.
Label: Ghostly International
Released: 2 Dec 2016
Genre: Electronic / IDM / Leftfield / Ambient / Experimental

Wonderland (3CD Edition)

Artist: Demdike Stare
Country: U.K.
Label: Modern Love
Released: 17 Nov 2016
Genre: Electronic / Dub Techno / Deep Techno / Dark Ambient / Abstract

The Light Is Dark Enough +4 (1LP Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Artist: The Spectrum
Country: E.U.
Label: Subway Records
Released: 10 Oct 2008
Genre: Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Pop Rock

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence O.S.T. (CD Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一
Country: U.S.
Label: Milan
Released: 21 Oct 2016
Genre: Stage & Screen / Soundtrack / Classical

Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence O.S.T. (180g 1LP Gatefold Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一
Country: U.S.
Label: Milan
Released: 21 Oct 2016
Genre: Stage & Screen / Soundtrack / Classical

Clinging To A Dream (CD Edition)

Artist: Silver Apples
Country: U.S.
Label: Chickencoop Recordings
Released: 2 Sep 2016
Genre: Electronic / Psychedelic Rock / Power Electronics / Experimental / Rock

Fragments Of A Rainy Season (2CD Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Artist: John Cale
Country: U.K.
Label: Domino
Released: 9 Dec 2016
Genre: Rock / Ballad / Pop / Acoustic / Classic Rock

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Galaxie 500 - Today (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

* 180g 1LP Edition, Reissue, Remastered
Description (English):
Includes “Instrumental” by Galaxie 500 the featured song in the upcoming Honda Acura television campaign!
Hailed in Boston as a masterpiece, “Tugboat” set the stage for Galaxie 500’s first album, Today, which they recorded with Kramer (for $750) in the summer of 1988. Melody Maker called the LP “an astonishing [...]

Happy Diving - Electric Soul Unity (1LP Limited Colored Edition)

* 1LP Limited Colored Edition, Coke Bottle Clear /250
* Download code included
Description (English):
Electric Soul Unity, Happy Diving’s fourth record in less than three years, showcases the band taking their dynamic rock to new heights. Their characteristic thick fuzz is coupled with tender melodies, a yin-yang of scorching in-your-face rippers and contagious hook-laden sing-alongs. The aggressive [...]

Mark McGuire - Get Lost (1LP Limited Edition)

* 1LP Edition
Description (English):
This album is dedicated to my family, friends, and the spirit of the summer night sky
And yet another killer album from the ever productive Mark McGuire. It just keeps getring better, as he delivers another fine set of tunes in his perfected style. A few more electronic elements than usual and even [...]

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