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Mister T. - Play It Loud (CD Edition)

* Digipack CD
Description (English):
Athens, Greece DJ and producer mister T. releases another stellar album on Cold Busted, the ‘Play It Loud’ LP, a delectably instrumental, soulful upbeat Funk album. Rich in sound with notable prominent brass horns and outstanding percussion, all with Soul, Jazz and Trip Hop shades, ‘Play It Loud’ is meant just for [...]

Mark Redito FKA Spazzkid - Krista (Japanese exclusive CD Edition)

* Japanese exclusive CD Edition
Description (English):
Right after releasing ‘Desire’ I became inspired to write a bunch of new music in response to all the affirmation I received from friends and followers and a handful of those songs made it on my forthcoming ‘Promise’ EP. With the material appearing on ‘Promise’ I tried to create and [...]

AMM - AMMMusic 1966 (CD Edition)

* CD Edition
Description (English):
“The definitive 1966 recordings, complete, available for the first time as they were recorded. Plus 35 minutes of extra music from the same sessions. No history of contemporary music is written without reference to AMM, and in particular to these recordings. Usefully indexed, full booklet.”-ReR Megacorp
1 Later During A Flaming Riviera Sunset 6:51
2 Later During [...]

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