La Isla Bonita +4 (Japanese CD Edition, Bonus)

Artist: Deerhoof
Country: Japan
Label: Felicity
Released: 22 Oct 2014
Genre: Rock / Noise Rock / Indie-Rock / Indie-Pop

Slow Summits +2 (Japanese CD Edition, Bonus)

Artist: The Pastels
Country: Japan
Label: Felicity
Released: 22 May 2013
Genre: Pop / Indie-Pop

Spaced (CD Edition)

Artist: Milton Wright
Country: E.U.
Label: Jazzman
Released: 8 Jan 2009
Genre: Funk / Soul / Soul / Funk / Disco / Rare Grooves

For Tomorrow (CD Single)

Artist: Fantastic Day
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Imagine Imagine Imagine Records
Released: 23 Feb 2015
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Alternative-Rock / Hong Kong Indie

Mourn +1 (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Mourn
Country: U.S.
Label: Tugboat Records
Released: 17 Feb 2015
Genre: Rock / Indie Rock / Punk

Fair Youth (CD Edition)

Artist: Maybeshewill
Country: Germany
Label: Superball Music
Released: 25 Aug 2014
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

Backward Decision For Kid Fresino (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Arµ-2
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records
Released: 16 April 2014
Genre: Electronica / Hip Hop / Jazzy Hip-Hop / Experimental

Franz Kafka’s Amerika (Japanese 2CD Edition)

Artist: Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records
Released: 6 April 2007
Genre: Jazz / Jazz-Rock / Indie-Rock

Factory Floor +1 (Japanese CD Edition, Bonus)

Artist: Factory Floor
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records / DFA
Released: 11 Sep 2013
Genre: Electronic / Techno / Post-Punk / Electro / Rock

A Toothpaste Suburb (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Milo
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records
Released: 24 Dec 2014
Genre: Electronic / Broken Beat / Hip Hop / Glitch

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Helios - Yume (1LP Edition)

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