La Isla Bonita +4 (Japanese CD Edition, Bonus)

Artist: Deerhoof
Country: Japan
Label: Felicity
Released: 22 Oct 2014
Genre: Rock / Noise Rock / Indie-Rock / Indie-Pop

Slow Summits +2 (Japanese CD Edition, Bonus)

Artist: The Pastels
Country: Japan
Label: Felicity
Released: 22 May 2013
Genre: Pop / Indie-Pop

Spaced (CD Edition)

Artist: Milton Wright
Country: E.U.
Label: Jazzman
Released: 8 Jan 2009
Genre: Funk / Soul / Soul / Funk / Disco / Rare Grooves

For Tomorrow (CD Single)

Artist: Fantastic Day
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Imagine Imagine Imagine Records
Released: 23 Feb 2015
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Alternative-Rock / Hong Kong Indie

Mourn +1 (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Mourn
Country: U.S.
Label: Tugboat Records
Released: 17 Feb 2015
Genre: Rock / Indie Rock / Punk

Fair Youth (CD Edition)

Artist: Maybeshewill
Country: Germany
Label: Superball Music
Released: 25 Aug 2014
Genre: Instrumental / Post-Rock

Backward Decision For Kid Fresino (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Arµ-2
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records
Released: 16 April 2014
Genre: Electronica / Hip Hop / Jazzy Hip-Hop / Experimental

Franz Kafka’s Amerika (Japanese 2CD Edition)

Artist: Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records
Released: 6 April 2007
Genre: Jazz / Jazz-Rock / Indie-Rock

Factory Floor +1 (Japanese CD Edition, Bonus)

Artist: Factory Floor
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records / DFA
Released: 11 Sep 2013
Genre: Electronic / Techno / Post-Punk / Electro / Rock

A Toothpaste Suburb (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Milo
Country: Japan
Label: P-Vine Records
Released: 24 Dec 2014
Genre: Electronic / Broken Beat / Hip Hop / Glitch

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The sound of the fifth BENOIT PIOLARD full length is lush and verdant, a temperate rain forest of ear ecstasy that reflects the environment surrounding the artist. A mostly instrumental work, it is an adept melding of song and sound, melody and texture, the intangible and the palpable, that in an abstract [...]

Kraftwerk - Radio-Activity (2LP Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

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* Includes a 16-page 12″ booklet and a monochrome inner sleeve that reproduces the original LP artwork.
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Kraftwerk built upon the international success of Autobahn by expanding their conceptual conceits to an album-length exploration of radio waves (and the band’s other favourite wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum). Musically, the album represents [...]

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German techno auteur Pantha Du Prince (aka Hendrik Weber) will release The Triad on May 20th, his first proper studio album since his 2010 breakthrough Black Noise, and 2013’s collaboration with The Bell Laboratory, Elements of Light. Today also sees the release of the The Winter Hymn 12”, which features the titular [...]

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