Artist: Piiptsjilling
Country: Japan
Label: Spekk
Released: 10 July 2014
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Minimal / Soundscape / Drone


Artist: Celer
Country: Japan
Label: Spekk
Released: 5 March 2014
Genre: Electronica / Minimal / Post-Rock / Ambient / Soundscape

Return to Nature

Artist: yokotsuka yuuya
Country: Japan
Label: Kaico
Released: 9 July 2014
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Minimal / Post-Rock / Techno

reflection primal

Artist: saburo ubukata
Country: Japan
Label: Kaico
Released: 8 May 2013
Genre: Electronic / Abstract / Ambient


Artist: aus
Country: Japan
Label: Plop
Released: 13 March 2013
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Abstract / Downtempo

White Noise proudly presents “toe” exclusive showcase 2014 Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]


Country: Japan
Label: NINGEN OK (Self-Released)
Released: 31 May 2014
Genre: Indie / Avant-Garde / Math-Rock / Experimental / Electronica


Artist: MOMA
Country: Japan
Label: Further Platonix Records
Released: 15 Jan 2014
Genre: Instrumental-Rock / Indie / Post-Rock / Indie-Rock

I Hate? I Hope? +2 (Reissue, Repress, Bonus, 2014 Edition)

Artist: Lemon's Chair
Country: Japan
Label: High Fader Records
Released: 9 July 2014
Genre: Alternative-Rock / Shoegaze / Rock / Post-Rock

A New World If You Can Take It (CD Edition)

Artist: Anwiycti
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Imagine Imagine Imagine Records
Released: 3 June 2014
Genre: Alternative-Rock / Hong Kong Indie / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Electronica

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Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Kunitachi Kibun Live 1984-85 マヘル国立気分 Live 1984-85

(Japanese JewelCase Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz stand at the pinnacle of Tori Kudo’s eccentric and beguiling musical weltanschauung, a stew of soaring melodic genius, naïve wisdom and the eternal amateur freshness of left-footing your own brain. Emperors of error, indeed. Their very special talent has been recognized by a slew of [...]

tricot - 99.974℃ (CD Edition)

* Japanese Jewel Case CD
Biography (English):
“tricot” is a Japanese alternative rock band formed in historical and cultural city Kyoto in Sep 1, 2010.
The band consists of 3 female founding members, Ikkyu Nakajima (vocals / guitar), Motoko “Motifour” Kida (guitar / backing vocals), and Hiromi “hirohiro” Sagane (bass / backing vocals). Right after the current male [...]

Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun (180g 2LP Edition, Reissue + CD)

* Pressed on audiophile quality 180 gram vinyl. Contains CD.
Description (English):
rumbling, pings, tjúúúú, palindromic strings, bjargvættur, the coughing brass intro, bamm bamm bamm, the crecendo, the flute, the simplicity, and it fades out. press play again.
a lot of people have one album that changes their lives, something that in some way alters everything after the [...]

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