Artist: Piiptsjilling
Country: Japan
Label: Spekk
Released: 10 July 2014
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Minimal / Soundscape / Drone


Artist: Celer
Country: Japan
Label: Spekk
Released: 5 March 2014
Genre: Electronica / Minimal / Post-Rock / Ambient / Soundscape

Return to Nature

Artist: yokotsuka yuuya
Country: Japan
Label: Kaico
Released: 9 July 2014
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Minimal / Post-Rock / Techno

reflection primal

Artist: saburo ubukata
Country: Japan
Label: Kaico
Released: 8 May 2013
Genre: Electronic / Abstract / Ambient


Artist: aus
Country: Japan
Label: Plop
Released: 13 March 2013
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Abstract / Downtempo

White Noise proudly presents “toe” exclusive showcase 2014 Hong Kong [SOLD OUT]


Country: Japan
Label: NINGEN OK (Self-Released)
Released: 31 May 2014
Genre: Indie / Avant-Garde / Math-Rock / Experimental / Electronica


Artist: MOMA
Country: Japan
Label: Further Platonix Records
Released: 15 Jan 2014
Genre: Instrumental-Rock / Indie / Post-Rock / Indie-Rock

I Hate? I Hope? +2 (Reissue, Repress, Bonus, 2014 Edition)

Artist: Lemon's Chair
Country: Japan
Label: High Fader Records
Released: 9 July 2014
Genre: Alternative-Rock / Shoegaze / Rock / Post-Rock

A New World If You Can Take It (CD Edition)

Artist: Anwiycti
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Imagine Imagine Imagine Records
Released: 3 June 2014
Genre: Alternative-Rock / Hong Kong Indie / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Electronica

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Pelican - Arktika / The Cliff (Japanese Exclusive 2CD Edition)

* Japanese Exclusive 2CD Edition
Description (English):
Special Japanese 2CD Edition, combined Arktika andThe Cliff plus bonus tracks.
disc I
1.The Creeper
2.Lathe Biosas
4.Deny The Absolute
5.Parasite Colony
6.Immutable Dust
7.Strung Up From The Sky
8.Dead Between The Walls
disk II
1.The Cliff (vocal version)
2.The Cliff (Justin Broadrick remix)
3.The Cliff (PALMS remix)
4.The Wait
5.The Cliff (live version) *日本盤ボーナス・トラック

Acid Mothers Temple The Melting Paraiso UFO - Have You Seen The Other Side Of The Sky?

* Jewel Case CD
Description (English):
You know ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE & THE MELTING PARAISO U.F.O. freak out as the dynastic rulers of Japanoise. They freak out improvisationally, entwining psychedelia with prog, hard rock, krautrock, avant-rock in the spirit of diverse greats as KARLHEINZ STOCKHAUSEN, PIERRE SHAEFFER, AMON DUUL, DEEP PURPLE, or GENESIS. Acid Mothers Temple makes [...]

Carsick Cars LCD Soundsystem Various - Sing For China (Fight AIDS with Art)

Children’s Songs 3-CD Brick. Sing along with this 3-CD collection of classic nursery rhymes and movement songs! Toddlers will enjoy over 30 minutes of musical hits. Parents and teachers will appreciate the 50 fun, easy activities to do with kids! These CDs contain hours of interactive play and education for everyone! Order them today for [...]

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