Pinô (2nd edition Limited CD)

Artist: Otto A Totland (aka Deaf Center)
Country: Germany
Label: Sonic Pieces
Released: 27 Jan 2014
Genre: Electronica / Post-Classical / Contemporary / Abstract

角度 ANGLE (CD Edition)

Artist: 大象體操 Elephant Gym
Country: Taiwan
Label: U Loud Records
Released: July 2014
Genre: Rock / Math-Rock / Post-Rock

Recount (Limited CD Edition)

Artist: Deaf Center
Country: Germany
Label: Sonic Pieces
Released: 29 Aug 2014
Genre: Post-Classical / Soundscape / Electronica / Dark Ambient

多麼美好 How Wonderful Life Is

Artist: 迷你噪音 mininoise
Country: Hong Kong
Label: 迷你噪音 mininoise (Self-Released)
Released: Nov 2008
Genre: Folk / Hong Kong Indie

死谷爛谷 Dead Valley

Artist: 迷你噪音 mininoise
Country: Hong Kong
Label: 迷你噪音 mininoise (Self-Released)
Released: 30 June 2014
Genre: Folk / Hong Kong Indie


Memories in Time

Artist: Tatsuki Hamasaki
Country: Japan
Label: Preco Records
Released: 7 May 2014
Genre: Ambient / Indie-Rock / Electronic / Post-Rock

trinity (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: fox capture plan
Country: Japan
Label: Playwright
Released: 15 May 2013
Genre: Rock / Instrumental / Jazz-Rock / Fusion / Contemporary-Jazz

What Had To Happen

Artist: Andrea Porcu
Country: Japan
Label: AY
Released: 24 May 2013
Genre: Electronica / Dub-Techno / Ambient

Impressions +1 (Japan Re-Issue, Remasterd)

Artist: Arc of Doves (aka Tetsuya Nakamura)
Country: Japan
Label: AY / Quietus Recordings
Released: 9 July 2014
Genre: Electronica / Minimal / Ambient / Experimental / Modern Classical

Fringe Popcical

Artist: N-qia
Country: Japan
Label: Virgin Babylon Records
Released: 26 Oct 2013
Genre: Electronica / Abstract / Minimal / Glitch / Pop

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Pasha - Pasha (Digipack CD)

* Packaged in Special Digipack
Description (English):
Music belongs to electronic dream pop. Makes people temporarily leaving the reality with electronic cell and a delicate voice. virtual tour of those on dreams.
Description (Chinese):
暫離現實,想像另外的可能。虛游在那些關於夢境,關於記憶、關於存在的音像波紋。來自香港的 electronic dream pop 。”Pasha”
「我們喜歡造夢。虛遊在另外的可能。 透過聲音,文字,我們把另一個現實世界凝結下來。 在那兒甚麼都有,甚麼都會發生,甚麼都是溫暖的。若您來到相同頻率。請細心留意,我們­為您佈置的一切。」 -Pasha 在煩囂的都市,人們都被太多的煩惱圍繞著。 為了舒緩壓力,我們消費消費再消費,希望用那丁點兒的滿足感去掩蓋那一層層的失落。可­是那心靈上的虛位,又哪是物質能夠填滿?
專輯《Pasha》雖然自家錄音,但於舒文的Zoo Studio混音,不失獨立音樂的感覺之餘更顯專業。Pasha一直以來就是想把天馬­行空的想法付諸行動,一張張配上照片的歌詞卡,再加上特別的專輯包裝,令大家感受到P­asha的心思。
1. Pasha
2. Don
3. Baffling
4. Desolate
5. Angelika
6. LoraLand
7. Persona
8. Suffice
Pasha – 1st Album Trailer

Pasha – Desolate

Pasha [...]

The Polyamorous Affair - Boshevik Disco

Los Angeles based electronic duo The Polyamorous Affair release their sophomore effort on Manimal Vinyl this summer. Consisting of singer/songwriter/producer, Eddie Chacon and the seductive front woman Sissy Sainte-Marie, they churn out 10 electro-pop gems under the concept of “Bolshevik Disco”. Chacon himself is no stranger to the spotlight, having been one-half of the R&B [...]

Avengers In Sci-Fi - Disc 4 The Seasons

* Jewel Case, Taiwan Edition
Biography (English):
The band members were all classmates at a high school in Kanagawa. They formed the band in 2002, debuting as an independent artist under K-Plan in 2004 with the extended play Science Rock, followed by their debut album Avenger Strikes Back in 2006.
In 2007, the band played at the rookie [...]

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