Alpaca Sports (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Alpaca Sports
Country: Japan
Label: Fastcut Records
Released: 16 Jan 2013
Genre: Electronica / Indie-Pop / Synth-pop / Twee-Pop

Such Bliss (Japanese Edition)

Artist: A Craze
Country: Japan
Label: Fastcut Records
Released: 7 Oct 2009
Genre: Electronica / Indie-Pop / Synth-pop / Indie

A New Day (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Kuryakin
Country: Japan
Label: Fastcut Records
Released: 20 Oct 2010
Genre: Electronica / Indie-Pop / Synth-pop


Artist: Kaki King
Country: U.S.
Label: Velour Recordings
Released: 9 Oct 2012
Genre: Acoustic / Folk / Indie-Pop / Pop / Indie


Artist: Fang Island
Country: U.S.
Label: Sargent House
Released: 24 July 2012
Genre: Indie-Rock / Alternative-Rock / Math-Rock / Post-Rock / Prog-Rock

Hidden Agenda presents FUCKED UP W/ GALLOWS Live In Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 7th-March [Advance Ticket are available now]

Hidden Agenda presents HOW TO DRESS WELL Live In Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 6th-March [Advance Ticket are available now]

META FOG “Take Out The Prefix” Live In Hong Kong at Hidden Agenda, 8th-March [Advance Ticket are available now]

Son Of A Bitches Brew (CD Edition)

Artist: Acid Mothers Temple + The Melting Paraiso UFO
Country: U.S.
Label: Important Records
Released: 23 July 2012
Genre: Psychedelic-Rock / Japanese-Underground / Electronica / Alternative-Rock / Avant-Garde

Departure Songs (2CD Edition)

Artist: Hammock
Country: U.S.
Label: Hammock Music
Released: 2 Oct 2012
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Drone / Shoegaze / Post-Rock

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De De Mouse - Tide Of Stars (Special Edition)

* Re-Issue, Gatefold Package, Japanese Edition
DE DE MOUSE profile
DEDEMOUSE created a buzz in the independent music scene with the carefully layered sounds of unidentified origins. Dynamically using the voice samples that evoke the image of Mongolian khoomii, DEDEMOUSE creates a unique and super imaginative world. DEDEMOUSE started to do lives from 2005, and performed the [...]

Jazzkammer - Timex

* Digipack CD
Description (English):
Jazzkammer is the joining of two Norwegian composer/musicians. John Herge is a guitarist, improviser, and composer who’s been making music for over 15 years. He plays in Der Brief, a band often compared to Supersilent. Lasse Marhaug has been networking within the noise/experimental underground for ten years, having been involved in over [...]

Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Teufelskamin (CD Edition)

* CD Edition
Description (English):
It’s cold. It’s winter. You are out in a deserted snowed out countryside. What would make you feel warm and dry? It’s the hut on the horizon – a soft warm plume of smoke coming from its chimney. They invite you into the house to sit on the fireplace. They serve you [...]

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