Endless Flowers

Artist: Crocodiles
Country: U.S.
Label: Frenchkiss Records
Released: 5 June 2012
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Psychedelic-Rock


Artist: Pure X
Country: U.S.
Label: Acéphale
Released: 5 July 2011
Genre: Rock / Shoegaze / Psychedelic-Rock / Lo-Fi Rock / Indie-Rock

Patagonian Rats

Artist: Tera Melos
Country: U.S.
Label: Sargent House
Released: 7 Sep 2010
Genre: Electronica / Rock / Math-Rock / Experimental / Post-Rock

Down 2 Earth (The Standard Edition)

Artist: Ras G
Country: U.K.
Label: Ramp Recordings
Released: 15 Aug 2011
Genre: Hip Hop / Experimental / Abstract / Electronica / Instrumental

Stars Have Shapes

Artist: Exploding Star Orchestra
Country: U.S.
Label: Delmark Records
Released: 21 Sep 2010
Genre: Electronica / Electro-Acoustic / Free Jazz / Avant-Garde / Improvisation

Knee-Deep In The North Sea [Deluxe Edition, Extra Tracks]

Artist: Portico Quartet
Country: E.U.
Label: Real World Records
Released: 31 Jan 2011
Genre: Jazz / Contemporary-Jazz / Jazz-Rock / Contemporary

I Was Here For A Moment, Then I Was Gone (CD Edition)

Artist: Maybeshewill
Country: U.S.
Label: Function Records
Released: 24 June 2011
Genre: Electronica / Glitch / Post-Rock / Instrumental

Father, Son, Holy Ghost (CD Edition)

Artist: Girls
Country: U.S.
Label: True Panther Sounds / Fantasy Trashcan
Released: 13 Sep 2011
Genre: Art-Rock / Electronica / Indie-Rock / Pop

We’re New Here (CD Edition)

Artist: Gil Scott-Heron + Jamie xx
Country: U.K.
Label: Young Turks / XL Recordings
Released: 21 Feb 2011
Genre: Electronica / Dubstep / Conscious / Hip Hop

Attention Please (U.S. Digipack CD Edition)

Artist: Boris
Country: U.S.
Label: Sargent House
Released: 25 May 2011
Genre: Japanese-Underground / Heavy-Rock / Psychedelic-Rock

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Kunihiko Murai 村井邦彦 - Yaju Shisubeshi : Fukushu no Mechanic/Yaju Gari 野獣死すべし : 復讐のメカニッ/野獣狩り

(Japanese Jewel Case Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve)
Rare two soundtracks by Kunihiko Murai on 1 CD. Cool jazz scores to Haruhiko Oyabu’s hard-boiled films, YAJU SHISUBESHI: FUKUSHU NO MECHANIC and YAJU GARI.
大好評のHotwax traxシリーズより作曲家にスポットを当てた新シリーズ「Hotwax traxコンポーザー・シリーズ」がスタート!
1945 年生、東京都出身。慶應義塾大学「慶應義塾大学ライトミュージックソサエティ」出身。「エメラルドの伝説」「翼をください」の作曲家として知られる通り、ジャズの香る稀有なメロディー・センスで、勝新太郎『顔役』『御用牙』や『悪魔の手毬歌』などの傑作を残している。
01. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-6,15,17-1”
02. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-4-2
03. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-9-1
04. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-7-1
05. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-18-2
06. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-EX-3
07. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-23-3
08. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-5-1
09. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-10-2
10. 野獣死すべし・復讐のメカニック M-12,13,19,22-1”
11. 野獣狩り M-1
12. 野獣狩り M-3,T-1
13. 野獣狩り M-8,T-1
14. 野獣狩り M-11,T-3
15. 野獣狩り M-14,T-1
16. 野獣狩り M-17,T-3
17. 野獣狩り M-2-2

Boris - Sound Track From Film “Mabuta No Ura”

(Japanese Digipack Edition, come with a beautiful die-cut cardboard)
The soundtrack to an imaginary film, this 2005 Boris release occupies an unusual place in their discography; far more delicate and contemplative than their trademark head-first attack, the pieces on “Mabuta No Ura” are shorter, atmospheric sketches which lull the listener away with their understated psychedelic stylings.
Each [...]

Ché-SHIZU - Nazareth

(Japanese JewelCase Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve)
Live material from Chie Mukai’s group, recorded in 1981, who play “ambient psychedelic music… includes Tori Kudo, leader of Maher Shalal Hash Baz.” From Alan Cummings’s “Japanese Psychedelia Primer” in The Wire: “”The dream-pop psych unit Ché-SHIZU  are one of the rare examples of a traditional Japanese instrument (in [...]

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