Heart Ache & Dethroned (Japanese Expanded 2CD Edition)

Artist: Jesu
Country: Japan
Label: Daymare Recordings / Hydra Head Records
Released: 16 Nov 2010
Genre: Ambient / Post-Rock / Shoegaze / Experimental / Heavy Metal

Mermonte +1 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Mermonte
Country: Japan
Label: Friend Of Mine Records / Father Figure
Released: 9 May 2012
Genre: Indie-Rock / Math-Rock / Alternative-Rock

動物の身体 Dobutsu no Karada

Artist: ハイスイノナサ Haisuinonasa
Country: Japan
Label: Zankyo Records
Released: 23 May 2012
Genre: Indie-Rock / Electronica / Vocal / Post-Rock

Valtari (CD Edition)

Artist: Sigur Rós
Country: U.S.
Label: Parlophone / XL
Released: 23 May 2012
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Post-Rock / Experimental / Abstract

The Hearts Of Empty

Artist: Dakota Suite
Country: Germany
Label: Karaoke Kalk
Released: 3 June 2011
Genre: Classical / Neo-Classical / Contemporary / Jazz

The Other Side Of Her Inexhaustible Heart (2CD Edition)

Artist: Quentin Sirjacq + Dakota Suite
Country: Germany
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Released: 7 Nov 2011
Genre: Neo-Classical / Classical / Contemporary

Vallisa (CD Edition)

Artist: Dakota Suite + David Darling + Quentin Sirjacq
Country: Germany
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Released: 10 Oct 2010
Genre: Electronica / Classical / Neo-Classical / Contemporary

The Guide (Taiwan Edition)

Artist: Special Others
Country: Taiwan
Label: Guts Records / Victor Entertainment
Released: 10 Feb 2012
Genre: Post-Rock / Contemporary / Jazz-Rock / Fusion / Funk

Street Halo / Kindred (Japanese Exclusive Release)

Artist: Burial ‎
Country: Japan
Label: Hyperdub / Beat Records
Released: 11 Feb 2012
Genre: Electronica / Dubstep / Bass Music

41st Century Splendid Man Returns

Artist: Acid Mothers Temple + The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.
Country: Brazil
Label: Essence Music
Released: Dec 2007
Genre: Psychedelic-Rock / Electronica / Alternative-Rock / Ambient / Japanese-Underground

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4 Greenmachine – Anima
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