323 Sayonara Memories (with Bonus Remix CD)

Artist: Geskia
Country: U.K.
Label: Home Normal
Released: 4 May 2012
Genre: Electronica / Abstract / Glitch / Downbeat / Hip Hop

Songs For Children and Mirror Ball co-presents THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Live In Hong Kong at KITEC, Rotunda 3, 23th-May [Advance Ticket are available Now]

Imaginary Truth

Artist: Aureole
Country: Japan
Label: Kilk Records
Released: 10 Nov 2010
Genre: Electronica / Post-Rock / Modern Classical / Indie / Alternative-Rock

Glow +4 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Worm Is Green
Country: Japan
Label: Kilk Records
Released: 4 May 2011
Genre: Electronica / IDM / Downbeat / Vocal

A Broken Carousel

Artist: Ferri
Country: Japan
Label: Kilk Records
Released: 20 July 2011
Genre: Electronica / Broken Beat / IDM / Glitch / Vocal

Faking Dreams +1 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Blindfold
Country: Japan
Label: Kilk Records
Released: 2 Feb 2011
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Alternative-Rock

You Can Cry (And Other Lullabies) +3 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Gamine
Country: Japan
Label: Kilk Records
Released: 7 Dec 2011
Genre: Pop / Chanson / Ballad


The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen By Proxy (Exclusive Japanese Release)

Artist: Chris Olley
Country: Japan
Label: Kilk Records
Released: 2 Feb 2011
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Alternative-Rock

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Wuja Bin Bin

Country: Japan
Label: Betrayal
Released: 18 April 2012
Genre: Electronica / Jazz / Funk / Soul / Fusion

孤高の画壇 Kokou no Gadan

Artist: 虚弱 Kyojaku
Country: Japan
Label: Kilk Records
Released: 7 March 2012
Genre: Indie-Rock / Post-Rock / Instrumental

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The Horrors - Strange House (1LP + 7″ Gatefold Limited Edition)

* 1LP + 7″ Gatefold Limited Edition
Description (English):
LP reissue of The Horrors’ debut album originally released in 2007. Raucous Hammond organ-driven, post-rock n’roll garage-rock! Includes a bonus 7″ with The Horrors Theme on vinyl for the fist time!
A1 Jack The Ripper3:01
A2 Count In Fives 3:14
A3 Draw Japan 3:24
A4 Gloves 2:51
A5 Excellent Choice 2:53
A6 Little Victories 2:40
B1 She Is The New Thing 3:22
B2 Sheena Is A Parasite 1:42
B3 Thunderclaps 3:07
B4 Gil Sleeping 4:51
B5 A Train Roars 3:58
C1 Death [...]

65daysofstatic - We Were Exploding Anyway +1 (Japanese CD Edition)

Having pushed instrumental guitar music through textural and tempo barriers for three albums before this one, 65daysofstatic have now reeled in the complexity and instead emphasised volume and dynamics. We Were Exploding Anyway seems to dispense with the subtlety and glitch-laden rock of yore, replacing it with the kind of cavern-defying hooks that The Prodigy, [...]

Tanlines - Settings (Japanese Edition)

* Japanese Edition with Bonus

Tanlines are an experimental pop duo based in Brooklyn and comprised of Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm. Jesse used to play in Professor Murder and Eric was in production duo the Brothers.
On Settings, their debut on True Panther Sounds through Rallye Records in Japan, Tanlines have produced a collection of [...]

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