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Various 光束夜 Kousokuya 灰野敬二 Keiji Haino - Tokyo Flashback (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition
Description (English):
Compilation, Highlight of recently Tokyo Psychedelic underground music scene. All are previously unreleased. Includes:Fushitsusha, White Heaven, Ghost, Marble Sheep, HIGHRISE, etc.
1. Marble Sheep & The Run-Down Sun’s Children – 22 February.1991 – 8:21
2. High-Rise – Mainliner – 10:24
3. Ghost – Tama Yura – 10:13
4. 不失者 – こっち、おまえ – 10:17
5. White Heaven [...]

Tomokawa Kazuki 友川かずき - Muzan No Bi [Beauty Without Mercy] 無残の美

(Japanese Gatefold Special Art and “Picture Jacket Collection” Edition, Strictly Limited to 500 copies each, Packaged In a Mini LP Gatefold style with Japanese Obi sleeve)
Six previously released titles by Kazuki Tomokawa have been reissued, with ew specially commissioned illustrations by Tomokawa on the cover and gatefold. All titles have been previously available from PSF [...]

The Silence - The Silence (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition
Description (English):
Batoh’s new world record makers psych up a battle pose near the spot where Ghost once stood. Electric and acoustic lightning striking the same place twice! We’d rather hear The Silence drink water out of an un-muddy analog machine than almost anything other!
1. レモン色のカナビス
2. Gotter Im Exil
3. Jewels in Tibet
4. Black is [...]

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