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The Stars - Today (Japanese CD Limited Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition
Description (English):
he long awaited return to PSF sound by former White Heaven frontman, You Ishihara. Twenty-five minutes (and priced accordingly) of non-cliched, contemporary psychedelia of the highest standard.
1. Today – 9:15
2. Bavard – 4:30
3. Wind In Three Quarter – 5:57

Various - Tokyo Fleshback 7

(Japanese JewelCase Edition)
Brand new instalment in this legendary compilation series from PSF, now in its seventh volume. For this latest survey of the state of the contemporary Japanese psychedelic underground the label ran a special live night at Koenji Show Boat in May of 2009 and recorded all of the players’ sets. The disc opens [...]

Ai Aso 朝生 愛 - Lone (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition
Description (English):
Tokyo’s Ai Aso (朝生愛, Asō Ai) is a Japanese psychedelic pop singer-songwriter whose work has a whisper-thin acid folk quality to it. She started performing as a solo singer around 2000. Her solo work, infrequent collaborations with White Heaven members You Ishihara and Michio Kurihara, Yurayura Teikoku, and Boris bring a level [...]

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