Sound Track From Film “Mabuta No Ura”

Artist: Boris
Country: Brazil
Label: Essence Music
Released: Dec 2005
Genre: Psychedelic-Rock / Experimental / Electronica / Ambient / Japanese-Underground


Artist: Mamerico
Country: Japan
Label: Schole
Released: 13 Sep 2011
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Ambient / Leftfield

香港是個大商場 Hong Kong Is One Big Shopping Mall

Artist: My Little Airport
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Harbour Records
Released: 26 Aug 2011
Genre: Lo-Fi Pop / Indie-Pop / Hong Kong Indie / Indie

At Land

Artist: WhyOceans
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Chopxticks Records
Released: 9 July 2011
Genre: Indie-Rock / Post-Rock / Alternative-Rock

White Noise 7th Anniversary presents Kowloon (JPN) Metallic, Exotic Release Tour Live in Hong Kong [ADV Ticket & E-Ticket both are available Now]

Her Space Holiday + 1 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Her Space Holiday
Country: Japan
Label: And Records
Released: 27 July 2011
Genre: Electronica / Indie / Indie-Rock / Leftfield


Artist: sgt.
Country: Japan
Label: Penguinmarket Records
Released: 17 Aug 2011
Genre: Rock / Post-Rock / Jazz / Improvisation / Experimental

Noise & Novels

Artist: She Talks Silence
Country: Japan
Label: AWDR/LR2
Released: 29 Sep 2010
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Electronica / Lo-Fi Rock

Some Small Gifts (1CD Edition)

Artist: She Talks Silence
Country: Japan
Label: AWDR/LR2
Released: 29 June 2011
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Electronica / Lo-Fi Rock

Feeling Hands + 1 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: The Mattson 2
Country: Japan
Label: AWDR/LR2 / Galaxia Records
Released: 6 Oct 2010
Genre: Indie / Indie-Rock / Jazz / Fusion

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Apple Light - Pocketful Of Rain

(Japanese Digipack Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve)
The members got together when they first formed a ‘copy band’ of The Smashing Pumpkins in the music club of Nagoya University. It is from the club that the band now has Totsuka Kousuke (Vocal, guitar), Magota Naoki (Guitar), Yoshida Ai (Base, vocal), Oitate Yuya (Drum). They started their [...]

Sunny Day Service - Teenage Flashback 1995-2000 [Japanese DVD Edition]

* Japanese Edition
Description (English):
Description (Japanese):
1. 青春狂走曲
2. いつもだれかに
3. 恋におちたら
4. あじさい
5. 湖畔の嵐
6. ここで逢いましょう
7. サマー・ソルジャー
8. 白い恋人
9. 恋人の部屋
10. NOW
11. さよなら!街の恋人たち
12. 今日を生きよう
13. スロウライダー
14. 夢見るようなくちびるに
15. 夜のメロディ
16. 恋は桃色
17. 魔法
18. 短編フィルム『さよなら!街の恋人たち』〈1997.7.27 日比谷野外音楽堂〉
19. 海岸行き
20. 週末
21. サマー・ソルジャー〈1997.12.11 新宿リキッドルーム〉
22. ここで逢いましょう

Spangle Call Lilli Line - dreamer (Japanese CD Single Edition)

* Japanese CD Single Edition.
Profile (English):
Formed in 1998. The band members are consist of three people: Kana Otsubo, Ken Fujieda and Kiyosaki Sasahara. They have released 10 albums, 2 singles, 3 live albums, and 2 best album. They have also participated in numerous compilation albums. In addition to Spangle call Lilli line, each member has [...]

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