Sound Track From Film “Mabuta No Ura”

Artist: Boris
Country: Brazil
Label: Essence Music
Released: Dec 2005
Genre: Psychedelic-Rock / Experimental / Electronica / Ambient / Japanese-Underground


Artist: Mamerico
Country: Japan
Label: Schole
Released: 13 Sep 2011
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Ambient / Leftfield

香港是個大商場 Hong Kong Is One Big Shopping Mall

Artist: My Little Airport
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Harbour Records
Released: 26 Aug 2011
Genre: Lo-Fi Pop / Indie-Pop / Hong Kong Indie / Indie

At Land

Artist: WhyOceans
Country: Hong Kong
Label: Chopxticks Records
Released: 9 July 2011
Genre: Indie-Rock / Post-Rock / Alternative-Rock

White Noise 7th Anniversary presents Kowloon (JPN) Metallic, Exotic Release Tour Live in Hong Kong [ADV Ticket & E-Ticket both are available Now]

Her Space Holiday + 1 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Her Space Holiday
Country: Japan
Label: And Records
Released: 27 July 2011
Genre: Electronica / Indie / Indie-Rock / Leftfield


Artist: sgt.
Country: Japan
Label: Penguinmarket Records
Released: 17 Aug 2011
Genre: Rock / Post-Rock / Jazz / Improvisation / Experimental

Noise & Novels

Artist: She Talks Silence
Country: Japan
Label: AWDR/LR2
Released: 29 Sep 2010
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Electronica / Lo-Fi Rock

Some Small Gifts (1CD Edition)

Artist: She Talks Silence
Country: Japan
Label: AWDR/LR2
Released: 29 June 2011
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Electronica / Lo-Fi Rock

Feeling Hands + 1 (Japanese Edition)

Artist: The Mattson 2
Country: Japan
Label: AWDR/LR2 / Galaxia Records
Released: 6 Oct 2010
Genre: Indie / Indie-Rock / Jazz / Fusion

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Silent Scenery - When We Escape From The Moonlight (CDEP)

* Digipack CD.
Description (English):
The soundtrack of life with melodic instrumental tunes with added vocals thrown in sparsely for good measure.
Crescendos of massive proportions, silent still moments, dreamy soundscapes. And sometimes all at once. Silent Scenery’s music could possibly make you forget to gasp for air for just a milisecond. Powerful, powerful stuff – Fly FM [...]

Berserker Children Club - MCMLXXXIX (Japanese CDEP Edition)

* Japanese CDEP Edition
Review (English):
Japanese Dream-Pop/Shoegazer Berserker Children Club. MCMLXXXIX is their 2nd EP which released on 2013 by PARK.
Description (Japanese):
甘美なノイズとメロディが疾走するシューゲイズ・サウンド。初期衝動の魅力を強烈に感じさせる全5曲、「BERSERKER CHILDREN CLUB」待望のCDデビュー作! インディーズとして異例のロング・セールスを記録した2枚のEPを残し惜しまれつつも解散したA MAD TEA PARTYが母体となり`12年に神戸にて結成された7人組。前身バンドから輝きを放っていた抜群のポップセンスはそのままに、甘美なノイズとメロディを携え独自の感性で鳴らされるシューゲイズ・サウンドは、初期衝動の魅力を強烈に感じさせる。新世代の旗手となる可能性を十二分に秘めたニューカマー、待望のCDデビュー作!
01. Life Of Confused
02. In The Sun
03. Open Your Mind
04. Too Late Anymore

The Merriweather Deer - Archives

* Packaged in cardboard digipack.
Description (English):
Formed in early 2010 as a side project, The Merriweather Deer is a collective of music scene vets from various indie bands in HK. Fronted by Ephraim Bano (Whence he came/The Lovesong), Don Cruz (Audiotraffic) on guitar, Gideon So (Noughts and Exes) on Keys/Melodica, Glenn Bogador (Shepherds the Weak/Audiotraffic) and [...]

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