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Kowloon - Shimokitazawa Henshin “南青山変身” (Live CDR)

* Japanese Limited LIVE CDR, DVD case package
Description (English):
This is a Limited Live Recording CD by Tokyo Trio KOWLOON. Recorded in 14th-Nov-2008 at Aoyama, Tokyo.
Mixed by Keiichi Kobayashi.
Trio in Tokyo,started from 2005. teppei takahashi is a leader plays bass,guiter and micro KORG.keisaku nakamura plays synthesizer,rhodes,piano.umeki “薩摩”taichi plays drums.influenced by rock classics ,post rock,experimental ,breakbeats,minimal,new/no [...]

Larsen - La Fever Lit

“A cross between Godspeed’s elliptical storytelling and Swans’ doomy elegance.” — Pitchfork
La Fever Lit is Larsen’s eighth album in 13 years of activity, and their first studio album since 2006, after the double live CD/DVD set Abeceda. Featuring legendary dub diva/post-punkcabaret icon Little Annie a.k.a. Annie Anxiety a.k.a. Annie Bandez (Crass, NWW, Coil, C93), La [...]

Machinefabriek - Stukjes

Influenced by Keith Rowe, Thomas Lehn & Marcus Schmickler’s album ‘Rabbitrun’ on Erstwhile, this is a collection of 16 short fragments, fluidly combined to this 21-minute litle beast. Hisses and crackles all over the place, combined with droning guitars, radio static, some nostalgic sounding Buddhe Machine samples and even the sound of someone snoring. This [...]

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