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Andrey Kiritchenko - Mort Aux Vaches

* Limited edition of 500 copies.
* Comes in a very special “Mort Aux Vaches” with holes.
Description (English):
Things have been quiet recently for Staalplaat and their Mort Aux Vaches series, but now they’re up and running again with music recorded at VPRO radio in Amsterdam in April 2006 by Ukrainian experimental and electronic music pioneer [...]

Sunken Foal - Fallen Arches

Dublin act Sunken Foal consists of one Duncan Murphy and occasional friends and collaborators when they record or play live. Fallen Arches is their amazing debut album of intensely evocative guitar-based electronic music, with piano, strings and occasional vocals which build up and then collapse under the weight of digital rhythms that twist and turn [...]

Akamatsu - Infi(ni)me

* Digipak CD
Description (English):
Electronic music and electro-acoustic, eyeing both to school Warp ancient times (Autechre, Plaid), but equally in the kraut-rock (Can …), the German Silky Pop (Notwist, Mr John Soda …), minimal music (Erik Satie, Nils Frahm…)
“A NASA engineer who preferred to dream of the Wizard of Oz rather than the recent exploits of [...]

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