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Blueneck - Scars Of The Midwest (180g 1LP Edition)

* Limited to 150 Copies. 180 Gram vinyl.
Description (English):
Rerelease of their sadly predominantly unnoticed debut full lenght ”Scars Of The Midwest”.
”What’s most refreshing about Blueneck is that there’s a distinct subtlety and craft about their music that forces the listener to really engage with Scars of the Midwest before getting something familiar out of it, [...]

Venetian Snares - My Downfall (Original Soundtrack)

Since 2005, there has been one Venetian Snares album that everybody has talked about—the masterpiece Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett, Aaron Funk’s story of falling in love among the spires of Budapest, scored by an orchestra and the Amen break. If that album was in effect a question, then this one is his answer: the unfolding [...]

Milk - Greeting For The Sleeping Seeds

* Japanese Gatefold CD
Biography (English):
Japanese artist, Milk (the solo project of Taro Umebayashi). Four of the tracks are feature collaborations with othwer musicians, like Sally Seltman and Au Revoir Simone. One of the lovelier tracks, the energetic string-led “Trust”, was created with one half of the Kisses duo, Jesse Kivil, on vocals. The driving arrangement [...]

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