Artist: Helios
Country: U.K.
Label: Type Records
Released: 11 Sep 2007
Genre: Post-Rock / Electronica / Ambient / Downtempo


Artist: Ensemble
Country: U.K.
Label: Fat Cat Records
Released: 27 Jan 2011
Genre: Electronica / Rock / Post-Rock

Thai? Dai! The Heavier Side Of The Luk Thung Underground (CD Edition)

Artist: Sroeng Santi + Plearn Promdan + Various
Country: U.K.
Label: Finders Keepers Records
Released: 24 Jan 2011
Genre: Soundtrack / Folk-Rock / World / Psychedelic-Rock

Presents The Soul Of Disco Volume 3

Artist: Joey Negro
Country: U.K.
Label: Z Records
Released: 28 Feb 2011
Genre: Funk / Soul / Disco / Funk

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You

Artist: Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Country: U.K.
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Released: 14 March 2011
Genre: Electronica / Electro / Leftfield / Electro-Rock

Well Spent Youth

Artist: Isolee
Country: Germany
Label: Pampa Records
Released: 28 Jan 2011
Genre: Electronica / Techno / Deep-House / IDM

toe – Digital Only Single “Ordinary Days”


Artist: Unbeltipo
Country: Japan
Label: Out One Disc
Released: 4 Aug 2007
Genre: Rock / Jazz-Rock / Experimental / Soundtrack / Japanese-Underground

Uncle Bunny Tongue

Artist: Unbeltipo
Country: Japan
Label: Out One Disc
Released: 3 March 2011
Genre: Rock / Jazz-Rock / Experimental / Prog-Rock / Japanese-Underground

Cosmic Coco, Singing for a Billion Imu’s Hearty Pi

Artist: Oorutaichi
Country: Japan
Label: Out One Disc
Released: 25 Jan 2011
Genre: Electronica / Experimental / Abstract / Electro

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Kashiwa Daisuke 柏大輔 - Re: (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese Edition CD
Biography (English):
Born in Hiroshima (currently residing in Tokyo), Daisuke started off as the composer and guitarist of postrock band Yodaka in 2001. Having evaluated their sound, they have been praised by Jim O’Rourke. Being inspired by their psychedelic sound due to a postrock approach and by Maurizio Bianchi, Daisuke started his solo [...]

Max Richter - Memoryhouse (2LP Gatefold Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

* 2LP Gatefold Edition, Reissue, Remastered
Description (English):
An elegiac journey through the history of the last century as imagined by pianist / composer Max Richter recorded for the BBC’s “Late Junction” imprint. The orchestral playing is haunting and stylish and the solo pieces are played with equal sensitivity. Originally released in 2002, “Memoryhouse” was produced by [...]

Sunn O))) - 3 : Flight Of The Behemoth (Japanese Expanded 2CD Edition)

(Japanese Expanded 2CD Edition, released in a four-panelled gatefold hard cardboard cover with rice paper Obi strip)
Tracklisting for CD 1 (Part I 2001) is identical to this album and CD 2 (Part II 2007) is a live recording at Earthdom, Tokyo which is previously unreleased. Comes with acetate obi strip. Obi & sticker on packaging [...]

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