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Nobuyasu Okabayashi 岡林信康 - 岡林四十五景 (Japanese 3CD Edition)

* Japanese 3CD Jewel Case Edition
Biography (English):
Nobuyasu Okabayashi (岡林 信康 Okabayashi Nobuyasu) (July 22, 1946 -) is a folk singer born in Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture, Japan. He is known to his fans as the ‘god of Folk’ and as ‘Japan’s Bob Dylan’.
His childhood home was his father’s church (established by William Merrell Vories, the [...]

Jack Rose Glenn Jones - The Thing That We Used To Do (DVD)

*Featuring two full in-the-studio sets by Jack Rose and Glenn Jones, and two duets.
*Lengthy interview of the artists together, conducted by Byron Coley.
*Bonus live footage of Jack Rose and Glenn Jones shot in concert at Plays and Players, Philadelphia, PA, March 22, 2009.
*Beautifully packaged in a cardstock amaray DVD sleeve.
* Color, Region-Free
Description (English):
There are a [...]

Tomokawa Kazuki 友川かずき - Hanabana No Kashitsu [Fault Of Flowers] 花々の過失

(Japanese Gatefold Special Art and “Picture Jacket Collection” Edition, Strictly Limited to 500 copies each, Packaged In a Mini LP Gatefold style with Japanese Obi sleeve)
2nd volume in the PSF Picture Jacket Collection of Tomokawa reissues. Hanabana was originally issued in 1995 as PSF 029CD.Tomokawa is a legendary singer-songwriter similar to Kan Mikami, but more [...]

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