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Andrew Bird - Are You Serious (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition
Description (English):
With his new album, Are You Serious, Andrew Bird has widened the breadth of his art by directly reflecting his own human experience. With key contributions from Fiona Apple and Blake Mills, Are You Serious attains a level of expression that’s a personal, evolutionary leap.
Are You Serious is the second record Bird [...]

Nijuuroku ダッチャ - Gousen 26号線 (Reissued, Remastered CD)

* Gatefold CD
* Reissue, Remastered
Description (Japanese):
まさにそれが、「26号線」であり、ダッチャなのだ。 (音楽評論家 小川真一)
はっぴいえんど、シュガー・ベイブと共に風都市に所属していたフォーク歌手ダッチャの処女作 [26号線] がW紙ジャケット (オリジナル帯復刻)仕様で発売!!
1. 君の空の下
2. 26号線
3. かわいい女の子
4. 北海の満月
5. ゆうらん飛行
6. 一番星
7. エミをうかべ
8. 冬の街角
9. ビールビン
10. 今日はどこまで

Reiko Ike 池玲子 Sou Kaburagi 鏑木創 Various - Female Yakuza Tale : Yasagure Anegoden Sokatsu Rinchi やさぐれ姐御伝 : 総括リンチ~やさぐれ歌謡最前線 (Japanese CD Edition)

(Japanese Digipack Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve)
Following on from Ultra Vybe’s Sukeban Guerrilla comes this great compilation containing more killer music from Japanese movie studio Toei’s fantastic ‘Pinky Violence’ films from the 70s including Female Yakuza Tale, Sex And Fury and the Sukeban (’deliquent girl’ in Japanese) series. Apparently contains the A-side of Reiko Ike’s [...]

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