Artist: Alan Licht + Aki Onda
Country: Japan
Label: Headz
Released: 2008
Genre: Experimental

Tan-Tan Therapy (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Tenniscoats
Country: Japan
Label: Headz / Weather
Released: 20 Oct 2007
Genre: Avant-Garde / Avant-Pop / Lo-Fi / Experimental / Japanese-Underground


Artist: FilFla
Country: Japan
Label: Headz
Released: 20 Jan 2008
Genre: Leftfield / J-Pop / Electronica

Bridge Carols (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Ethan Rose + Laura Gibson
Country: Japan
Label: Headz / Weather
Released: 21 Oct 2009
Genre: World / Indie-Rock / Folk / Electronica


Artist: gnu
Country: Japan
Label: Headz
Released: Oct 2009
Genre: Japanese-Underground / Experimental


Artist: Shuta Hasunuma 蓮沼執太
Country: Japan
Label: Headz / Weather
Released: 1 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronica / Glitch / Ambient / Indie-Rock

Millions Now Living Will Never Die (Japanese Edition)

Artist: Tortoise
Country: Japan
Label: Headz / Thrill Jockey Records
Released: 22 Dec 2004
Genre: Jazz / Experimental / Electronica / Post-Rock

2001 – 2009 [Box Set]

Artist: Durutti Column
Country: U.K.
Label: Artful Records
Released: 9 Feb 2010
Genre: Art-Rock / Rock


Artist: Ricardo Villalobos
Country: Germany
Label: Playhouse
Released: 29 Sep 2008
Genre: Electronica / Tech-House / Minimal-Techno

Geneva (CD Edition)

Artist: Russian Circles
Country: U.S.
Label: Suicide Squeeze
Released: 20 Oct 2009
Genre: Post-Rock / Rock

See also...

LITE - Rabbit (7″ Vinyl)

* 7″ vinyl, Limited to 600 copies.
* Made in USA
* plus high-quality mp3 download code.
Description (English):
Recording and co-producer engineer by Kaoru Miura of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES.
Biography (English):
Formed in Tokyo in 2003, the band – Nobuyuki Takeda (guitar), Kozo Kusumoto (guitar,synthesizer), Jun Izawa (bass), Akinori Yamamoto (drums) – are cited as an influence by a new [...]

Interior Palette Toeshoes - There EP

* Japanese Cardboard Edition
Informations (Japanese):
富山県にて、活動を行なう轟音ギターの緊張感と美しすぎるピアノが印象的な哀愁インストロックバンド「interior palette toeshoes(インテリアパレットトウシューズ)」による2曲入り20分弱に及ぶEPがDISCOイン!
まず目を見張るのが、カッコよすぎるアートワーク!個人的に大好きな雰囲気です。盤面も必見!GOD SPEED YOU! BLACK EMPERRORなどの、暗~くて緊張感のある雰囲気が好きな方には、もってこいの一枚!その上、ピアノの「美」メロディーが加わって大変な事になってます!死にそうな旋律と、暖かい音階のクロスオーバー!ジャズ要素も感じられるリズム隊も、頑なでタイト!かつ巧みな演奏が渋いです!
GSY!BE~mogwai、UNWED SAILORも好きなら間違いなしです!明確なシーンが存在しないという富山(魚が旨いとの事!)で彼等なりのヴィジョンを見据えている彼等。今後の活動がとても楽しみです!
1. Snowscape 08:14
2. She Goes Upstairs, He Goes Downstairs 09:45
interior palette toeshoes / She goes upstairs, He goes downstairs (Live)

Moving Mountains - Pneuma

* Limited release of 1,000, Released in cardboard slipcase.
Description (English):
Moving Mountains first release,Pneuma takes post-rock to a new level, combing lush and atmospheric layers with melodic vocals, horns, and the occasional primal howl. With new CD packaging!For fans of Appleseed Cast and Explosions in the Sky.
1. Aphelion (2:29)
2. Cover the Roots: Lower the Stems (5:03)
3. [...]

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