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Summer Heart - About A Feeling +3 (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese Jewel Case CD
* Plus three bonus track
Description (English):
In an euphoria of harmony and vision Summer Heart gives us a mix of electronic blisspop and worldmusic that will accelerate your heartbeat.
David Alexander started Summer Heart as a home recording project in 2009. Inspired by the summer he tried to capture the hope you feel [...]

Atsuo Stephen O'Malley - Uroborus Circuit (Japanese 12″ Vinyl Limited Edition)

* Black VINYL in heavy weighted jacket, placed in plastic bag, Limited to 1200 copies.
Uroborus was the result of a 2 day tracking session by Atsuo/Boris and Stephen O’Malley in Southern Studios, London September 2006. While the pair was meeting to do press for the “Altar” album they took the chance to work on 2 [...]

Günter Müller - Cym_Bowl (CD Limited Edition)

* Jewel Case CD
* Limited to 500 copies
Description (English):
cym_bowl is Günter Müller’s fourth solo CD. On cym_bowl he follows even more consequently the idea he already realized on his last album reframed; focused on the sound of one cymbal and one singing bowl; he feeded his iPods with dozens of variations of processed sounds. Afterwards [...]

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