Les Statues Meurent Aussi O.S.T. (1LP Edition)

Artist: Bernard Guy
Country: Italy
Label: Doxy Cinematic
Released: 6 Oct 2016
Genre: Electronic / Soundtrack / Jazz / Stage & Screen

Les Voyages De L’âme (1LP Gatefold Limited Colored Edition)

Artist: Alcest
Country: Germany
Label: Prophecy Productions
Released: 30 Oct 2016
Genre: Rock / Black-Metal / Shoegaze

Le Secret (1LP Gatefold Limited Colored Edition)

Artist: Alcest
Country: Germany
Label: Prophecy Productions
Released: 14 Oct 2016
Genre: Rock / Black-Metal / Shoegaze

Psychic Tears (1LP Limited Colored Edition)

Artist: Sam Kogon
Country: U.S.
Label: Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records
Released: 28 Oct 2016
Genre: Rock / Alternative Rock / Pop

Piano Piano (180g 2LP Gatefold Limited Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Roedelius
Country: U.K.
Label: Song Cycle Records
Released: 13 Oct 2016
Genre: Electronic / Classical / Ambient / Modern Classical

Disclosure (2LP Edition)

Artist: Kassem Mosse
Country: U.K.
Label: Honest Jon's Records
Released: 14 Oct 2016
Genre: Experimental / House / Abstract / Techno / Electronic

Like This, Like That (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Immigrant's Bossa Band
Country: Japan
Label: Playwright
Released: 5 Oct 2016
Genre: Electronic / Funk / Soul / Bossanova / Samba / Japanese-Indie

Heaven Is For Quitters (2LP Edition)

Artist: FaltyDL
Country: U.K.
Label: Blueberry Records
Released: 21 Oct 2016
Genre: Electronic / IDM / Experimental / Downtempo / Modern Classical

An Opened Book In The Dark (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Tomotsugu Nakamura
Country: Japan
Label: Kaico
Released: 5 Oct 2016
Genre: Electronica / Ambient / Minimal / IDM

L.A. Night (Japanese 12″ Vinyl Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Yasuko Agawa
Country: Japan
Label: HMV Record Shop
Released: 8 Oct 2016
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Soul / Disco / Funk

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Brandt Brauer Frick - Joy (CD Edition)

* CD Edition
Description (English):
‘Joy’ is BBF’s fourth album and the first one to be truly vocalist-focused and song-centric. With the help of Canadian poet-singer Beaver Sheppard who played an prominent role the composition, BBF explore what the band-members describe as ‘post-religious’ themes, such as struggling to find joy in times of uncertainty and instability. This [...]

Harold McKinney - Voices And Rhythms Of The Creative Profile +2 (Japanese Mini-LP Limited CD Edition, Reissue)

* Japanese Mini-LP Limited CD Edition, Reissue
Description (English):
Holy grail spiritual soul jazz album release on Detroit’s creative collaborate Tribe label spearheaded by Phil Ranelin, Wendell Harrison, Marcus Belgrave and Harold McKinney. Musically there is not one bad groove on this record with Ode To Africa, In The Moog and Freedom Jazz Dance some of the [...]

Miles Davis John Coltrane - Den Haag – April 9th 1960 (1LP Limited Colored Edition, Numbered)

* 1LP Limited Colored Edition, Numbered
Description (English):
Doxy release a great show from the legendary Miles Davis and John Coltrane 1960s European tour. Spring of 1960 was a major turning point for the Miles Davis Quintet. Seven months after the release of Kind of Blue (RUM 2011129LP) in August 1959 and just days after Miles recorded [...]

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