2 (1LP Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Mac DeMarco
Country: U.S.
Label: Captured Tracks
Released: 5 Oct 2015
Genre: Rock / Lo-Fi / Indie Rock

Get Ready (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue)

Artist: New Order
Country: U.S.
Label: Warner Records 90 Limited
Released: 13 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Pop Rock / Synth-pop

Children Of M (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Sebastian Zangar
Country: Japan
Label: Lantern
Released: 7 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Dub Techno

Timekeepers (CD Edition)

Artist: Marcus Schmickler + John Tilbury
Country: Germany
Label: A-Musik
Released: 3 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Modern Classical / Experimental / Abstract / Classical

Vega Intl. Night School (2LP Limited Colored Gatefold Edition)

Artist: Neon Indian
Country: E.U.
Label: Transgressive Records
Released: 16 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Disco / Dance-pop / Synth-pop


Duos With Guitars (2LP Gatefold Limited Edition)

Artist: Tetuzi Akiyama 秋山徹次 + Jim O'Rourke + Giovanni Di Domenico
Country: Belgium
Label: Silent Water
Released: 1 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Jazz / Experimental

Delivery Health (180g 1LP Limited Edition)

Artist: 山本 達久 Tatsuhisa Yamamoto + Giovanni Di Domenico + Jim O'Rourke
Country: Belgium
Label: Silent Water
Released: 1 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Avant-garde Jazz / Jazz / Experimental

Solo Books (10″ x 3 Limited Vinyl Edition, Numbered, Wooden Box)

Artist: Pak Yan Lau + Chris Corsano
Country: Belgium
Label: Silent Water
Released: 1 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Free Improvisation / Drone / Jazz

Serge Gainsbourg et le Cinéma (1LP Limited Edition)

Artist: Serge Gainsbourg
Country: E.U.
Label: Doxy Cinematic
Released: 30 Oct 2015
Genre: Jazz / Stage & Screen / Cool Jazz

Eternal Horse (CD Edition)

Artist: Stafraenn Hakon
Country: U.S.
Label: Darla Records
Released: 2 Oct 2015
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Post Rock / Rock

See also...

Cornelius - Fantasma +4 (2LP Gatefold Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

* 2LP Gatefold Edition, Reissue, Remastered
* 4 bonus tracks
Description (English):
Cornelius is the brainchild of Japanese multi-instrumentalist Keigo Oyamada. Performing musician since his teens, Oyamada created his creative alter-ego (the name is an homage to the Planet of the Apes), in the early 1990’s from the ashes of his previous project, Flipper’s Guitar.
With the 1997 release [...]

木下美紗都 Misato Kinoshita - 瀬田なつき × 木下美紗都 SOUNDTRACKS (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition
Biography (English):
Description (Japanese):
2007年3月に発表した1stアルバム『海 東京 さよなら』(WEATHER 028 / HEADZ 87)が今だロングセラーを続ける女性ソロ・シンガー木下美紗都。
01. 港の話
02. バス、現在へ
03. 仕事をさぼって川へ行った男
04. 彼方からの手紙 (アコースティック version)
05. 彼方からの手紙 (ダンス version)
06. バス、彼方へ
07. 雪
08. タイトル
09. 普通の女の子
10. ゆりかもめ
11. ゼンフェス (小躍り version)
12. はじめまして
13. ゼンフェス (エンディング version)
14. あいつだれだ
15. 尾行
16. まーちゃんお久しぶり
17. 地学の授業
18. みーくんとデートに行くときの歌
19. みーくんとデートに行くつもりだったのに
20. ドーナッツの歌
21. 嘘つきみーくんさようなら
22. ららら星の彼方
23. 夜のおはなし
24. はじまりはなんだっけ
25. 世界で一番××してる

Yumi Zouma - The Complete EP Collection 2014-2015 (Japanese Exclusive CD Edition)

* Japanese Exclusive CD Edition
Description (English):
Yumi Zouma began as a project in 2013 between three friends from New Zealand. The songs were never intended to leave the machines they were composed on. In January 2014, their debut EP launched to overwhelming acclaim – lauded as undeniably stylish and sincere. The months that followed saw the [...]

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