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antwarp - Space Flower (Japanese CD Edition, Self-Released)

* Japanese CD Edition
Biography (English):
antwarp is a solo project by Ryuchi (ex-nenem) with support members. the music mixture of electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz. This is the first self-release EP and reeleased on Ryuchi self-Label.
Ryuchi Nidan(Keyboards, Sound Tracks) ex-nenem
Hiroshi Nakamura(Sax) from fresh!, MUSIC FROM THE MARS
Ryuji Kobayashi(Guitar)
Sayoko Nagamuu(Bass, Chorus) from yesman
Ryosuke Tadakuma(Drums) from chocolatre
Daisuke Chida(bass)
1 Space [...]

The Observatory - Time to Rebirth (Digipack CD Edition)

* Deluxe Heavy Digibook CD package
Description (English):
A quiet, ruminating album of poignant songs underlined by delicate textures and lush instrumentation. Delivered in hush tones over layers of subtle electronic elements blended with a distinct acoustic feel.
1. How’s Life? – 5:14
2. Killing Time – 6:53
3. Queen Of Fate – 9:58
4. Ask – 5:12
5. Waste Your [...]

Fuzz - Fuzz (1LP Gatefold Edition)

* Packaged in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeve, Vinyl includes digital download coupon
Description (English):
Fuzz is Ty Segall (drums / vocals), Charlie Moothart (guitar / vocals) and Roland Cosio (bass). They’re heavy rock lifers—three California-bred dudes who have been refining their riffs and getting weird together since high school (which wasn’t that long ago, [...]

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