Clifford Brown ✶ Max Roach (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Clifford Brown + Max Roach
Country: E.U.
Label: WaxTime
Released: 5 May 2015
Genre: Jazz / Hard Bop

Nymphs II (180g 12″ Vinyl Edition)

Artist: Nicolas Jaar
Country: U.S.
Label: Other People
Released: 11 May 2015
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Modern Classical

II (Machinery) 1LP Limited hand-packaged Edition, Numbered

Artist: Going
Country: Belgium
Label: Silent Water
Released: 9 May 2015
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Experimental

Suspense (1LP Limited Embossed-Cover Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Bernard Fevre
Country: U.S.
Label: Anthology Recordings
Released: 12 May 2015
Genre: Electronic / Leftfield / Minimal / Disco / Krautrock

Cosmos 2043 (1LP Limited Embossed-Cover Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Bernard Fevre
Country: U.S.
Label: Anthology Recordings
Released: 12 May 2015
Genre: Disco / Minimal / Leftfield / Electronic / Krautrock

Brötzmann/Van Hove/Bennink (1LP Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Artist: Peter Brötzmann + Fred Van Hove + Han Bennink
Country: Austria
Label: Cien Fuegos
Released: 15 May 2015
Genre: Jazz / Free Jazz

RISE P1 (12″ Colored Vinyl Edition)

Artist: GO MARCH
Country: Belgium
Label: Unday Records
Released: 13 May 2015
Genre: Electronic / Post Rock / Disco / Experimental

White Eyes (CD Edition)

Artist: White Eyes
Country: U.S.
Label: Numero Group
Released: 12 May 2015
Genre: Rock / Psychedelic-Rock / Folk-Rock

Digital Tropics (1LP Colored Limited Edition)

Artist: Mutiny On The Bounty
Country: Germany
Label: Redfield Records / Small Pond Recordings
Released: 22 May 2015
Genre: Indie-Rock / Rock / Math-Rock / Experimental

Curtains (2CD Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Artist: Tindersticks
Country: E.U.
Label: Music On CD
Released: 13 May 2015
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock / Art-Rock

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Deafheaven - Sunbather (2LP Die-cut Limited Colored Edition, Repress)

* Fourth pressing, limited edition of 3,000 copies. Record 1 (A/B) is on “Baby Pink” vinyl, record 2 (C/D) is on “Piss Yellow” vinyl.
* Jacket features die cuts on front and back, and spot gloss UV coating on both sides. Includes full color, folded 12″ x 24″ insert and MP3 download code coupon.
Description (English):
Recorded [...]

Beck - Odelay (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

* 180g 1LP Edition, Reissue, Remastered
* Download Code Included
Description (English):
Odelay is the second full-length studio album by Beck and was originally released on June 18, 1996. On it’s release, Odelay received almost unanimous critical applause. Odelay was nominated for the Grammy award for album of the year and won a Grammy for best alternative music [...]

Mac Demarco - Another One (1LP Edition)

* 1LP Edition
* Includes a 4-panel poster and a download code.
Description (English):
Like the days of Steely Dan, Harry Nilsson or Prince releasing a classic every year (or less) comes Mac DeMarco’s Another One, a mini-LP announced almost one year to the date of the meteorically successful Salad Days. Conceived and recorded entirely by himself [...]

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