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ChaCha 名 Ranking Joe - One Day You’ll Know (10″ vinyl)

Limited edition 500 Premium Hand-Numbered Vinyl
Reggae fans will no doubt remember only last year when Good Vibes Sound System brought the man whose studio recorded Bob Marley’s first album to Hong Kong. As a direct result of his 2009 Back to China tour, where legendary Chinese Jamaican reggae producer and dub pioneer Clive Chin [...]

Various - Studio One Soul 2 (2LP Edition, Reissue)

* 2LP Edition
Description (English):
Studio One Soul 2 is the long awaited second volume of one of the largest selling Soul Jazz/Studio One titles, Studio One Soul.
Studio One Soul 2 takes us further into Jamaican music’s fascination with American Soul and Funk music. Featuring a host of classic Reggae artists – Horace Andy, The Heptones, Ken [...]

Makoto Kubota 久保田麻琴 The Sunset Gang 夕焼け楽団 - Made In Islands Vol.2 (Jamaica Remix) メイド イン アイランズ VOL. 2 – ジャカルタ・チャンプルー -

(Japanese Digipack Edition with Japanese Obi sleeve)
細野晴臣プロデュースの「HAWAII CHANPROO」(’75年発表)をメインに選曲された夕焼け楽団のベスト・トラックをジャカルタでリミックス。
「Chant #9」(’89年録音)「小舟の旅」(’89年録音)「国境の南」(Instrumental Version)を含む全14曲を収録したベスト・アルバム。
About “Makoto Kubota & The Sunset Gang”
Japanese rock group growing out of Makoto Kubota and Yuyake Gakudan (’gakudan’ orchestra, ‘yuyake’ sunset), formed ‘74 as the Sunset Gang. Sandii (b Sandy O’Neale, 27 Dec. ‘51, Tokyo) was promoted from backing to lead vocalist, and by ‘80 Sandii [...]

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