Off The Record (1LP + CD Edition)

Artist: Karl Bartos
Country: Germany
Label: Bureau B
Released: 15 March 2013
Genre: Electronic / Electro / Synth-pop

Junk Scape (Japanese Special 2CD Edition, 初回盤)

Artist: Junk Fujiyama
Country: Japan
Label: Victor Entertainment
Released: 6 March 2013
Genre: J-Pop / Japanese-Pop / City Pop

The Schulze-Schickert Session (180g 1LP Limited Colored Edition)

Artist: Klaus Schulze + Günter Schickert
Country: Russia
Label: Мирумир
Released: 4 March 2013
Genre: Electronic / Krautrock / New Age

Emergency On Planet Earth (180g 2LP Gatefold Edition, Remastered, Reissue)

Artist: Jamiroquai
Country: E.U.
Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 18 March 2013
Genre: Electronic / Funk / Soul / Acid Jazz

Pretty In Black (180g 1LP Edition)

Artist: The Raveonettes
Country: E.U.
Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 14 March 2013
Genre: Rock / Alternative Rock / Garage Rock

The Devil’s Business (O.S.T.) CD Edition

Artist: Justin Greaves
Country: U.K.
Label: Death Waltz Recording Company
Released: 20 March 2013
Genre: Stage & Screen / Soundtrack / Score

Feldman / Brown (180g 1LP Edition)

Artist: Morton Feldman + Earle Brown
Country: U.S.
Label: Doxy
Released: 26 March 2013
Genre: Classical / Contemporary

Woman (1LP Gatefold Edition)

Artist: Rhye
Country: U.S.
Label: Republic Records
Released: 12 March 2013
Genre: Electronic / Pop / Downtempo

Constant Flow (12″ Limited Edition, Single Sided)

Artist: Aoki Takamasa 青木孝允
Country: Switzerland
Label: Svakt
Released: 15 March 2013
Genre: Electronic / Minimal / Deep House

Raising Hell (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Run-DMC
Country: E.U.
Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 4 March 2013
Genre: Hip Hop

See also...

Ras G - Raw Fruit (Exclusive Japanese Limited Release)

* Japanese-only limited edition CD
Biography (English):
Ras G guides a deep space exploration of music’s ancient history and rich future. Working thru obsolete tools to reach back in time and pluck out the essence of groove, Ras G’s music is rich with space-funktified rhythms, fog horns, natty chattin, subterranean bass lines, colossal percussion and glorious highs.
Ras [...]

Intriguant - Recluse (1LP Limited Edition)

* 1LP Limited Edition
Description (English):
In 2014, when Intriguant released his debut EP, Ellipse, it gathered the attention of music critics from Israel to Slovakia, and was featured on respected New York music magazine, The Fader. Since then he has been gracing major festival stages such as St Jeromeʼs Laneway Festival and the Singapore International Jazz [...]

Nujabes toe Various - Modal Soul Classics II Dedicated To Nujabes (CD Edition)

* Released in Digipak.
Description (English):
Tribute album to the much loved producer Nujabes, who regrettably died at the beginning of this year. His label and close friends come together in another entry of the modal soul series, creating new tracks to his name and legacy.
Here is the first preview of a single off the Nujabes tribute [...]

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