The Piramida Concert (2LP Limited Colored Edition + CD)

Artist: Efterklang + Copenhagen Phil
Country: U.K.
Label: 4AD / Rumraket
Released: 11 June 2013
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Post Rock / Folk / Classical

Tiden (180g 1LP + CD Edition)

Artist: Roedelius + Stefan Schneider
Country: Germany
Label: Bureau B
Released: 28 June 2013
Genre: Electronic / Abstract / Ambient

Bryter Layter (180g 1LP Textured Sleeve Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Artist: Nick Drake
Country: U.K.
Label: Island Records
Released: 10 June 2013
Genre: Rock / Folk Rock

Three (CD Edition)

Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto 坂本龍一
Country: E.U.
Label: Decca
Released: 25 June 2013
Genre: Classical

17.02.12 (2LP Gatefold Edition)

Artist: Fennesz
Country: E.U.
Label: Song Cycle
Released: 3 June 2013
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Ambient

Kveikur (2LP + CD Gatefold Edition)

Artist: Sigur Rós
Country: U.K.
Label: XL Recordings
Released: 17 June 2013
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Post-Rock

Desire Lines (1LP + CD Edition)

Artist: Camera Obscura
Country: U.K.
Label: 4AD
Released: 3 June 2013
Genre: Rock / Indie Pop / Pop

Kveikur (CD Edition)

Artist: Sigur Rós
Country: E.U.
Label: XL Recordings
Released: 14 June 2013
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Post-Rock

Super.Trigger (CD Edition)

Artist: Frank Bretschneider
Country: Germany
Label: Raster-Noton
Released: 27 June 2013
Genre: Electronic / Glitch / IDM / Abstract / Minimal

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recorded 2 (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Optrum
Country: Japan
Released: 19 June 2013
Genre: Rock / Hardcore / Noise

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