The Lighthouse (1LP Gatefold Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Yann Tiersen
Country: France
Label: Ici D'Ailleurs
Released: 27 Dec 2016
Genre: Pop / Abstract / Modern Classical / Minimal / Classical

Almost See / Azhkenasi (10″ Vinyl Colored Edition)

Artist: The Oscillation + 10 000 Russos
Country: U.K.
Label: Fuzz Club Records ‎ / Split Single Series
Released: 2 Dec 2016
Genre: Rock / Psychedelic Rock

The Great Ecstasy Of The Basic Corrupt (CD Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Nurse With Wound
Country: U.K.
Label: United Dirter
Released: 16 Dec 2016
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Ambient

Trials Of The Blood Dragon O.S.T. (2LP Limited Colored Edition)

Artist: Power Glove
Country: U.K.
Label: Invada Records
Released: 2 Dec 2016
Genre: Electronic / Stage & Screen / Soundtrack / Synthwave / Electro

A Night In Bangkok (Japanese 12″ Vinyl Edition)

Artist: Shintaro Sakamoto 坂本慎太郎 + VIDEOTAPEMUSIC
Country: Japan
Label: EM Records
Released: 10 Dec 2016
Genre: Electronic / Disco / Folk / World / Country

The Wasp Factory (1LP Edition)

Artist: Ben Frost
Country: Iceland
Label: Bedroom Community
Released: 9 Dec 2016
Genre: Electronic / Modern Classical / Classical / Ambient / Experimental

サカナ (Japanese CDEP Edition)

Artist: Al Van She's Coming
Country: Japan
Label: Only Feedback Record
Released: 25 Dec 2016
Genre: Japanese-Indie / Indie-Rock / Shoegaze / Rock

hide intention EP (Japanese CDEP Edition)

Artist: edy two arc
Country: Japan
Label: Only Feedback Record
Released: 25 Dec 2016
Genre: Japanese-Indie / Shoegaze / Indie-Rock / Rock / Dream Pop

La La Land O.S.T. (1LP Limited BLUE Translucent Edition)

Artist: Various ‎
Country: U.S.
Label: Interscope Records
Released: Dec 2016
Genre: Stage & Screen / Soundtrack / Score / Musical

AMATEUR RHYTHM (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: hokuto
Country: Japan
Label: Soul Brotha
Released: 14 Dec 2016
Genre: Hip Hop / Electronic / Japanese-Indie

See also...

Muro - Golden Fresh Females (Japanese CD Edition, Promo)

* Japanese CD Edition, Promo CD
Description (English):
Strictly Golden Era female rap nostalgia, from sturdy classics by Antoinette, MC Lyte and Latifah to under-the-radar rarities.
1. Untitled

Arµ-2 Lee (Asano+Ryuhei) ‎ - Tanhâ (Japanese CD Edition)

* Digipack CD
Description (English):
Japan’s rising artists, Ryuhei Asano & Arµ-2, collaborated on a recent track that has many thrilled. The modernity of this track alongside the perfect infusion of reggae, hip-hop and jazz creates a meditative feel for their listeners. The image itself has a duality to it as it signifies a fetus within the [...]

Kan Kick - The Traditional Heritage + 2 (Japanese Edition)

* Japanese reissue Edition with Obi sleeve.
* Plus Two Bonus Track.
Description (English):
Kankick’s earlier album re-issued for the 04! Music from 1996-200, featuring dope production, and guest spots from Medaphoar, Mystery’s Extinction (Blame One) and more…raps by Kankick too!
Kankick is a hip-hop producer from Oxnard, CA. He was once a member of Lootpack, but has gone [...]

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