200 Press (12″ + 7″ Vinyl Edition)

Artist: James Blake
Country: E.U.
Label: 1-800 Dinosaur
Released: 8 Dec 2014
Genre: Electronic / Dubstep / Techno / Leftfield

Forest (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Martin Schulte
Country: Japan
Label: Lantern
Released: 3 Dec 2014
Genre: Electronic / Dub Techno / Techno / Deep House / Ambient

Oba Loba (1LP Limited Edition)

Artist: Norberto Lobo + João Lobo
Country: Belgium
Label: Silent Water
Released: 1 Dec 2014
Genre: Electronic / Contemporary Jazz / Jazz / Modern Classical / Folk

Vasilisa The Beautiful (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Junko + Sachiko
Country: Japan
Label: Musik Atlach
Released: 25 Dec 2014
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Noise / Japanese-Underground

Jazz Advance (1LP Limited Colored Edition, Numbered, Reissue)

Artist: Cecil Taylor Quartet
Country: E.U.
Label: Doxy Music
Released: 2 Dec 2014
Genre: Jazz / Hard Bop

7 Feet in the Grave (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: ゆーきゃん Youcan
Country: Japan
Label: 7 e.p.
Released: 10 Dec 2014
Genre: Indie / Lo-Fi / Indie-Pop / Japanese-Indie

I Hope You Are Wells (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Tenniscoats
Country: Japan
Label: 7 e.p.
Released: 10 Dec 2014
Genre: Avant-Garde / Avant-Pop / Lo-Fi / Japanese-Indie / Experimental

3人の1日 (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Kenji Ayabe
Country: Japan
Label: Flake Records
Released: 17 Dec 2014
Genre: Indie-Pop / Japanese-Indie

The Flatlands Are Your Friend + Ages Isn’t Ours (Japanese CD Edition)

Artist: Young Statues
Country: Japan
Label: Flake Records
Released: 10 Dec 2014
Genre: Rock / Indie-Rock

Tam… Tam… Tam…! (CD Edition)

Artist: José Prates
Country: U.K.
Label: Trunk Records
Released: Dec 2014
Genre: Jazz / Samba / Folk / Funk / Soul / Latin

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Tortoise - It’s All Around You +2 (Japanese CD Edition)

* Japanese CD Edition with 2 bonus track
Description (English):
Over the past decade, Tortoise have produced some of the most innovative and influential albums in all of music. From the deep and understated rhythms and tones on their 1996 landmark, Millions Now Living Will Never Die, to the bombastic rock of 2001’s Standards, Tortoise have always [...]

Lantern Parade - Orange Moon Soul

* Japanese Gatefold Package
Biography (English):
Lantern Parade isn’t in the Japanese hip hop mainstream, and the music has an independent feel (and indeed, the album is released by Rose Records, Shimokitazawa luminary Keiichi Sokabe’s label, rather than a hip hop label). The sound is different from ‘normal’ J-hip-hop’s sampled R&B, reggae, etc.: there’s some of that [...]

Bill Wells Aidan Moffat - DILF_77 Would Like To Chat E.P. (CD Limited Edition)

* CD Limited Edition
* Limited five track CD in a card sleeve. Only available at independent record shops, gigs, and online.
* CD features extended version of lead track and another exclusive track.
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Bill & Aidan follow up their acclaimed second album ‘The Most Important Place In The World’ with this surprise EP of brand new [...]

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