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Autumnleaf I am Robot and Proud Various - The Foot Remixes

* Japanese Edition with Obi sleeve
Description (English):
Autumnleaf created delicate and bold music by each background. and kept playing shows constantly.
Their made “Red lies in the White field” was out in 07′.
Autumnleaf went to recording Tokyo for first full length Album. This album engineer is Takaaki Minou from toe. It’s expected to sell 1st Album of [...]

Ryoji Ikeda 池田亮司 - Test Pattern

following dataplex cd (raster-noton, r-n068), test pattern is the second audio release in ryoji ikeda’s multimedia project datamatics; an ongoing exploration of the potential to perceive the invisible multi–substance of data that permeates our world.
test pattern acts as a system that converts any type of data (text, sounds, photos and movies) into barcode patterns and [...]

Nils Frahm - Juno (7″ Vinyl)

* 7″ vinyl edition
* The cover photograph was taken by Peter Broderick.
Description (English):
Berlin-based pianist Nils Frahm is already a firebrand in the modern classical world, collaborating with contemporaries such as Peter Broderick, Ólafur Arnalds and Anne Müller. His unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, played contemplatively and intimately, has won him many fans around the [...]

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