Live At Moers Festival (Japanese Limited Blu-Spec CD Edition)

Artist: Masayuki Takayanagi 高柳昌行 + New Direction Unit
Country: Japan
Label: Three Blind Mice / Think! Records
Released: 7 Aug 2013
Genre: Jazz / Free Improvisation / Japanese-Underground

Paracosm (1LP Edition)

Artist: Washed Out
Country: U.S.
Label: Weird World
Released: 9 Aug 2013
Genre: Electronic / Downtempo / Synth-pop / Indie Pop / Pop

Something Wicked This Way Comes (180g 2LP Edition, Repress)

Artist: The Herbaliser
Country: U.K.
Label: Ninja Tune
Released: 6 Aug 2013
Genre: Electronic / Hip Hop / Downtempo / Conscious

Kourouma (1LP Edition)

Artist: Angèle David-Guillou
Country: U.K.
Label: Village Green
Released: 30 Aug 2013
Genre: Classical / Contemporary

The Perfect Enemy For God (CD Edition)

Artist: The Underground Youth
Country: U.K.
Label: Fuzz Club Records
Released: 2 Aug 2013
Genre: Rock / Psychedelic Rock / Shoegaze

Raise (180g 1LP Edition)

Artist: Adrian Corker
Country: U.K.
Label: Village Green
Released: 19 Aug 2013
Genre: Electronic / Classical / Jazz / Experimental

Live Poznan (2CD Edition)

Artist: Crippled Black Phoenix
Country: U.S.
Label: Cool Green Recordings
Released: 16 Aug 2013
Genre: Rock / Post Rock / Prog Rock

Loud City Song (180g 2LP Gatefold Edition)

Artist: Julia Holter
Country: E.U.
Label: Domino
Released: 20 Aug 2013
Genre: Electronic / Avant-Garde / Classical / Rock / Experimental

Prince Avalanche : An Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1LP Gatefold Edition)

Artist: Explosions In The Sky + David Wingo
Country: U.S.
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Released: 6 Aug 2013
Genre: Post-Rock / Indie-Rock / Soundtrack / Instrumental

Desire (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue)

Artist: Bob Dylan
Country: E.U.
Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 17 Aug 2013
Genre: Rock / Blues Rock / Folk Rock

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Radian - On Dark Silent Off (CD Edition)

* CD Edition
Description (English):
Vienna is the home of Radian, Martin Brandlmayr (drums, electronics), John Norman (bass), and Martin Siewert (guitars, electronics), who have been influenced by and shaped the city’s vivid scene of electronica in the early 2000s. Vienna is currently a wide open creative home to many new music composers and innovators. Today, the [...]

Moonrises - Frozen Altars (1LP Limited Edition)

* 1LP Edition
* Limited edition of 500 copies.
Description (English):
MOONRISES is the brainchild of PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE (aka STEVE KRAKOW), LIBBY RAMER and BEN BILLINGTON. Their tremendous sophomore album Frozen Altars absolutely destroys the competition in the ring of avant-psychedelic bands. Wrap your badtrip damaged brain around an album that continues to reinvent and expand with every [...]

Kings Of Convenience - Quiet Is The New Loud (1LP Gatefold Limited Edition, Reissue)

* 1LP Gatefold Limited Edition
Description (English):
For over a decade music lovers have been treated to the delicate beauty of Norwegian indie-pop minimalists Kings Of Convenience aka Erlend Øye and Eirik Glambek Bøe. Described as “the Daft Punk of acoustic music” (Drowned In Sound) and Nick Drake meets Belle and Sebastian, the duo’s 2001 debut Quiet [...]

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