Okamotonoriaki - Telescope

Country: Malaysia
Label: Mü-Nest
Released: 12 Aug 2010
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / IDM
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Imagine. The amber shades of a sunset, blending seamlessly into the bluish horizons. The serene star-filled night sky that follows and covers the bustling city streets beneath it, breathing its pulse, its voices, its ever-moving sounds of life, flashing coats of colours, dimming lights, entwined lovers and quiet solitudes. Imagine. The shuffling leaves as they wave upon the edge of a branch just outside a window. The zephyr that glides across patterned curtain tails, bringing the coloured air of the ever shifting seasons: the red of springs, the green of summers, the amber of autumns and the white of winter.

It is with thus imaginations, our imaginations, that Okamoto Noriaki’s debut album Telescope welcomes us to his cinematic sonic world, an imagery-filled, delicately sound-driven, pop-infused electronica soundtrack of at once the familiar and the foreign, dreams and realities, memories and present joys.

Here is an electro-pop musical-picturesque of intricate, weaving piano melodies, soul-tripping drum and electro sound beats, with warm synths of near ethereal beauty, sampled voices of stilled wonders and airy vocals of etched realizations, written, performed and produced by Noriaki himself and mastered by the venerated Tokyo mastering engineer Naph, whose previous collaborations include renowned artists like World End’s Girlfriend and aus.

Telescope is like listening and watching gentle, broad, delicate, bold, determined and graceful brushstrokes coming together to form a magical electro beat-tripping, lyrical piano-filled, warm synth-painted sonic film that depicts the very colours of both our firm realities and dream-filled ponderings.

A well-established and awarded talent, Tokyo audio-visual artist okamotonoriaki brings forth a musical visual-scape in the vein of celebrated electronica mastery and sensitivity that breathes the essence of what music is made for: to move us.

01. island
02. rem
03. recorder
04. lighthouse
05. mauna kea
06. polynesia
07. wyburn
08. polar
09. wandering
10. home

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