Radiosonde - Radiosonde

Country: Japan
Label: Flau
Released: 17 May 2010
Genre: Electronica / Improvisation / Ambient / Abstract
Order FLAU18

Shipping Rate: A


Landscape of silent sound that radiosonde plays.

radiosonde is a duo by Hayato Aoki and Takashi Tsuda. In this album using their own name was made by courteous edit and recording that delicately takes improvisation by guitar, autioharp and even air of the place into consideration.
With guest musicians, sawako(12K), Hiromits Shoji(soundworm) and nakaban took charge jacket art work, “Landscape of the sound looked at from the weather balloon” that they draw has acquired further freedom and the throb feeling.

01. up to the sky / altum
02. blue flag on the hill
03. westerlies
04. monsoon
05. cirrus
06. equinox
07. cumulonibus – MP3
08. troposphere – MP3
09. green path – MP3
10. windcoming – MP3
11. april

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