Akira Kosemura + Haruka Nakamura + Various - Note of Seconds : Schole Compilation Vol.2

Country: Japan
Label: Schole
Released: 6 July 2010
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo / Ambient / Modern Classical
Order SCH-015

Shipping Rate: A


The invitation to the world with full of joy and devotion to music, which cannot convey in words, It contains 15 of lovable pieces which was rubbed by schole’s “present” and “hereafter” like a dream.

After three years from its establishment,《 schole records》, which has grown to be loved by both domestic and international over many genres, is about to release the monumental compilation album “Note of Seconds.”
The album was made by both of artists with familiar works and the new-comers. Each artist just played earnestly their “favorite sounds.”
“Note of Seconds” is an album filled with such immaculate love to music. In a long awaited tune called “revise” by akira kosemura + haruka nakamura after three years of individual works, a vocalist Miho Ota (who supports in UA’ s pieces and tours) accompanies herself as lovely flowers and make a tune really suitable for decorating the opening.
Continues from “revise,” in a debut tune called “Koi no Hikari” by a new unit Tokinowa, formed by akira kosemura, muneki takasaka (paniyolo,) Janis Crunch, while reflecting a girl’ s swinging feeling of ephemeral love, a tune mildly lights up the
positivity. “Koi no Hikari” can be described as the label’s new look.
While each of new-comers that cannot wait for future releases such as “hummingbirt stereo,” “yoshinori takezawa,” “ghost and tape,” and “Janis Crunch” put their fresh pieces, the familiar artists that kept enlivens label such as haruka nakamura, paniyolo, dom mino’, flica, sawako + daisuke niyatani, motohiro nakashima, teruyuki nobuchika also presented their newly made pieces. And akira kosemura, the label founder, also made new two different piano solo pieces for this album.
Let 15 trucks in 70minutes of full of joy and devotion to music carry you away with even a feeling of love to all pieces.

01. revive / akira kosemura + haruka nakamura feat. miho ota
02. 恋の光 / tokinowa (akira kosemura, muneki takasaka & janis crunch)
03. traveling / hummingbert stereo
04. here / haruka nakamura
05. re : brillo / yoshinori takezawa
06. pasqua / ghost and tape
07. ma ba ta ki / sawako + daisuke miyatani
08. eleven / dom mino’
09. intermittent color / janis crunch
10. it’s true / flica
11. アラトソラ / paniyolo
12. waterside birds / motohiro nakashima
13. kokyu / teruyuki nobuchika
14. fragile / akira kosemura
15. 10 / akira kosemura

Also by Akira Kosemura

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