Jaga Jazzist - Live At Cosmopolite (DVD)

Country: Norway
Label: Smalltown Supersound
Released: 11 May 2010
Genre: Electronica / Jazz / Experimental / Post-Rock

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Jaga Jazzist is 15 years! To celebrate this anniversary we have together with the band put together a DVD to celebrate this. We’re happy to announce the first ever live documentation of Jaga Jazzist in the band’s career. And as Jaga Jazzist is known as a fantastic liveband, we all thought it was about time. The concert was filmed at Cosmopolite in Oslo the 4th of April 2005.

The concert was directed by Marius Revold with a big film crew making this a spectacular concert film. Also included on the DVD is exclusive interviews with the band member as well as all the videos the band has ever made. And as if this was not enough, there is a special bonus track here that has never been released, but strangely enough there was made a video for this track (!). So you get a new video and a new track all in one, the beautiful ‘Synchronize Yr Watches’.

1. All I Know Is Tonight
2. Stardust Hotel
3. For All You Happy People
4. Reminders
5. Swedenborgske Rom
6. Day
7. Another Day
8. Suomi Finland
9. Mikado
10. Oslo Skyline
11. Animal Chin
12. I Could Have Killed Him In The Sauna

1. Airborne
2. Animal Chin
3. Day
4. All I Know Is Tonight
5. Synchronize Yr Watches

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