Various - T(H)REE : New Musical Roots From Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau

Country: Hong Kong
Label: Bloom Creative Network
Released: 10 May 2010
Genre: Indie-Rock / Instrumental / Electronica / Indie-Pop / Hong Kong Indie

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T(h)ree is a musical project that brings together, for the very first time, musicians from Portugal, Hong Kong and Macau.

For some, Project T(h)ree is a way to introduce the new modern music made in the other corner of the world. For others, it is one more step in the recognition of the musical talent of the artists involved.

In the end, T(h)ree wants to be nothing else than a celebration of music through innovative and original collaborations between portuguese, hong kongnese and macanese musicians. Hope you all can discover, enjoy and become fans of the music made specially for this release.

1. On(e) – Faye Choi
2. Sirvana – F.e.v.e.r. (pt) + False Alarm (hk)
3. Lou Reed Wants to Be Black – Tiago Guillul (pt) + DJ Kawayama (hk)
4. Why Should We – Ölga (pt) + Innisfallen (hk)
5. HonQon – AbztraQt Sir Q (pt) + Joey Chu (hk)
6. Esta Depressão Que Me Anima (Winnie Lau version) – A Naifa (pt)
7. HPR – Kubik (pt) + Evade (mo)
8. The Wave (Remodeled) – A-Roller Control (hk) + [Ch‘os] (pt)
9. Pluto – Macacos do Chinês (pt) + N1D (mo)
10. The Double Life of Jeremy Bentham – Erro! (pt) + A.O.S. (hk)
11. Para Maria – O Monstro (pt) + N.69 (mo)
12. 6860 Miles – Balla (pt) + Modern Children (hk) + S.T. (hk)
13. Second Twelfth – Rocky Marsiano (pt) + Fragile (hk)
14. Perfect Betrayer – Hipnótica (pt) + Unixx (hk)
15. Bafo de Shiva – Norberto Lobo (pt) + Gloria Tang (hk)
16. Sea Of Amnesia – Bernardo Devlin (pt) + Wilson Tsang (hk)
17. Abadeh – The Allstar Project (pt) + Elf Fatima (hk)

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