Contemporary Noise Sextet - Unaffected Thought Flow (Japanese Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Zankyo Records
Released: 13 Jan 2010
Genre: Electronica / Post-Rock / Free-Jazz
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(Japanese Jewel Case Edition)

Zankyo Record proudly presents Zankyo Jazz. This new category will contain jazz artists that are playing at the frontier of the jazz scene, artists who strive to create the extraordinary, breaking away from the cliche, creating music that is experimental, yet easy for the common ears.

We present “Contemporary Noise Sextet” as our first artist. Hailing from Poland, the sextet explores the very enigmatic borderline of jazz, rock, breakbeats, and lounge music and procreates a raw, chimerical wonder that hints their deep background knowledge in the contemporary music scene. Their first track starts off with a train of cacophony from all the instruments, marking as the perfect gambit. The dissonant blasts gradually increase and suddenly tones down to a very melancholic, bluesy tune and once again reverting back to its jazz-punk/grind core blasts. The second track starts off with Kuba Kapsa on piano leading off with a dark and mellow ostinato, which develops into a dark fusion of acid-jazz and lounge music. The third track is a 10 minute piece, starting off with free jazz, mysteriously floating into a rasterized field of contrabass and drums with ambient hums from trumpet and sax. And as for the rest of the album, we would like you to listen and explore…

Highly recommended for people who listen to John Zorn, Jaga Jazzist, E.S.T., Mr. Bungle, and Medeski, Martin & Wood, or for listeners who are interested in new music.


1. Unaffected Thought Flow (Part 1)
2. A Girl Killed Nicely
3. Procession In Th Fog (With The Barking Dogs)
4. Nautilius
5. New Machine On The Dance Floor
6. No Marks, No Body, Not Guilty
7. Zero Gravity
8. Unaffected Thought Flow (Part 2)

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