Strië - Perpetual Journey (12″ Vinyl Edition) – Pre-Order

Country: U.K.
Label: Serein
Released: 2 Feb 2018
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Avant-Garde / Ambient
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* 12″ Vinyl Edition
* matt laminated outer sleeve and black paper inners
* Please note: items labeled as ‘Pre-Order’, can be purchased but will be shipped to arrive on the official release date. Orders containing Pre-Order items will be held until all products are available for dispatch.

Description (English):
Inspired by the true story of Laika, a stray dog sent into space by Soviet Russia in the fifties, Perpetual Journey speaks of the emotional journeys and strange fates that entangle our lives. An intoxicating ascent into the upper atmosphere and beyond, Strië’s collagic style is profoundly felt on these six compositions; fragments of sound layer up to create an ever deepening sound stage, bound together with layers of static and hiss. Perpetual Journey is another irresistible invitation to spend time with Striē in the immersive, introspective world she inhabits.

Her music occupies a unique and dreamy sweet spot that takes inspiration from many different places. You feel the influence of contemporary modern classical music but without the airs and graces, she flirts with the notion of beat music, without ever introducing beats, there’s an infatuation with sound design and a vintage tone which brings to mind some of the best musique concrète.

With this new release for Serein, Strië reveals her true identity – she is the Polish composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Olga Wojciechowska. On previous outings as Strië, Olga remained anonymous, eschewing use of her given name and going instead by Iden Reinhart. If that’s not clear, please refer to this handy formula: Olga Wojciechowska = Iden Reinhart = Strië.

Olga is just back from remix duty for Nathan Fake on the Providence Reworks (Part 2) EP released by Ninja Tune. Olga had four pieces featured on the record and, inevitably, garnered the positive attention of press and fans alike. On the back of such illustrious work, it’s great to have Olga releasing with Serein once more.

A1 Capsule
A2 Man With The Thick Glasses
A3 Test For Ability
B1 Unseen Weight
B2 To Never Return Home
B3 Perpetual Journey

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