Sweeney - Middle Ages (Limited CD Edition, Numbered)

Country: Greece
Label: Sound In Silence
Released: 28 Dec 2017
Genre: Electronic / Ambient
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* Limited CD Edition, Numbered
* This is a limited edition of 200 handmade and hand-numbered collectible copies. It is packaged in a lovely hand-stamped 127mm x 127mm 300 gsm cream recycled cardboard envelope with the front cover image printed on a polaroid style photo paper and an insert sheet containing tracklist, lyrics and information printed on a 110 gsm light yellow fabric paper. It also comes bundled with a download code coupon and a Sound In Silence card.

Description (English):
Sound In Silence is happy to announce the return of Jason Sweeney, presenting his new album Middle Ages under the name of Sweeney.

For about twenty years Jason Sweeney, now based in Adelaide, Australia, has been composing and recording either solo, under the alias of Panoptique Electrical, Other People’s Children and Simpático, or with friends in various musical projects like Pretty Boy Crossover, Sweet William, School of Two, Luxury Gap, Par Avion, Great Panoptique Winter, Mist & Sea, Winter Witches and many others. He has also been directing and creating interactive works for the internet, experimental films, projects for galleries and theatre spaces and has collaborated with some of Australia’s leading performing arts companies and organizations.

Middle Ages is a brilliant collection of ten more song-based tracks than his usual Panoptique Electrical sound, with a total duration of about 37 minutes. With the help of his collaborators Jed Palmer and Zoë Barry who provide cello, accordion, string arrangements, guitars and bass, Sweeney creates a peaceful and emotional album full of beautiful textures and sonic landscapes. Centered on his distinctive voice and melodic piano lines, Middle Ages magnificently merges songwriting, modern classical and ambient sounds with minimal beats and field recordings. Mastered by Antony Ryan (ISAN) in Denmark, Middle Ages is a beautifully breathtaking album, highly recommended for devotees of Anohni, Scott Walker and David Sylvian.

1. Night At Spirit Lake 05:45
2. End Of Men 04:21
3. 45 04:17
4. Oh Goddess 02:46
5. Man Of Dreams 04:41
6. When He Went Away 04:36
7. True Love 03:02
8. Middle Ages 02:18
9. None But The Lonely Heart 02:21
10. Burial 02:37

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