Tusco + Piero Umiliani - Suspence Elettronica (1LP Limited Colored Edition, Reissue)

Country: Italy
Label: Dagored
Released: 13 July 2017
Genre: Electronic / Abstract / Experimental / Score
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* 1LP Limited Colored Edition, Reissue
* Limited to 500 copies

Description (English):
Tusco is one of the many pseudonyms that legendary composer and producer Piero Umiliani uses to not overcrowd the synchronization market with his name. Umiliani was a well-known Italian soundtrack composer and jazz musician. He was one of the pioneers of styles such as exotica and lounge and used a lot of funk moves in his soundtracks, too. He also composed a lot of library albums, covering genres such as Spaghetti Western, Giallo, sex films, and documentaries. They were all self-produced in his mighty Soundworkshop Studio, equipped with the most advanced screening and editing systems of that time. Suspence Elettronica is a very rare experimental/ ambient electronic album from the early ’80s with a great use of synthesizers. Long time forgotten masterpiece of early electronic music reissued for the first time ever. Limited edition 500 copies on white vinyl.

A1 Sospetto 2:08
A2 Segni Premonitori 3:28
A3 Relitti 3:01
A4 Nave Spia 2:24
A5 Mutazioni 2:28
A6 Ballata Tragica 3:08
A7 Attesa Ansiosa 2:51
B1 Incubo 3:33
B2 Batticuore 2:48
B3 Rintocchi 3:10
B4 Sinistro Carillon 2:48
B5 Schizofrenia 2:24
B6 Leggermente Misterioso 2:46
B7 Degrado 1:41

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