Brandon - Dreamscape: Part 4 (1LP Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Cold Busted
Released: 10 Feb 2017
Genre: Hip Hop / Instrumental

Shipping Rate: E


* 1LP Edition

Description (English):
Hailing from within the heat of Florida, Brandon* is a gifted producer whose musical style is an eclectic blend of hip hop, jazz, lounge, and latin flavors. Tough beats move alongside swirling strings, soundtrack-ish atmospheres, and nostalgic orchestral arrangements, all seemingly lifted from obscure vinyl thrift store finds in the sunny retirement capitol. It’s a refreshingly perfect mix of elements, resulting in ‘beats music’ that is amorous and enchanting. This is even more apparent on Brandon*’s latest long-player on the Cold Busted imprint, titled Dreamscape: Part 4*. The producer’s other Dreamscape releases explored his distinct sound, and this latest brings Brandon*’s M.O. to further maturity and acclaim. From the bombastic bossa of “Cabana Chat” to “Oasis”’s gentle acoustic guitars to the tropical jazz vibe of “Rio Dio”, Dreamscape: Part 4* will delight and captivate, and nicely compliments an exotic cocktail.

A1 Havana 03:24
A2 Desert Flower 03:14
A3 Siesta Key 02:39
A4 Cabana Chat 04:23
A5 Oasis 03:42
A6 Beyond the Sea 01:54
A7 Emerald Cove 03:21
A8 The Jungle Book 03:41
B1 Saudade de Seville 04:07
B2 Brazillian Groove (Interlude) 01:57
B3 Rio Dio 03:44
B4 Snowfall in Cuba 02:50
B5 Heatwave 03:08
B6 A Silent Goodbye 04:43
B7 She Walks in Starlight 04:43
B8 Journey’s End (Closing Theme) 04:35

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