Jabberloop - New (Japanese CD Edition)

Country: Japan
Label: Space Shower Networks Inc.
Released: 6 Sep 2017
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Soul / Contemporary Jazz / Soul-Jazz
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* Japanese CD Edition

Description (English):
JABBERLOOP is a club jazz band composed of five members (Sax, Trumpet, Keyboard, Bass and Drums). The band was formed in 2004 and they have performed at various private and public venues. With full of originality and unique sounds, JABBERLOOP’s “infinite” musical expression continues to evolve no limits.

01. Invisible
02.Beginning of Life
04.Acid Break
05.TAKACHIHO -Dance of the Gods-
06.Logical Monks
07.Honest Word
08.Red Ocean
09.Private eyes
10.Movin’ on
13.Bird is Alive

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Jizue - story +1 (Japanese CD Edition)

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* one bonus track on CD
Biography (English):
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They released self titled mini album in 2009, album Bookshelf in 2010 and Novel in 2012. “Journal” is their 3rd album, and will be released on 5th-June-2013.
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1. prologue
2. atom
3. habana
4. light
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Otomo Yoshihide 大友良英 Seiichi Yamamoto 山本精一 - Guitar Duo

* Japanese Edition, Digipack CD.
Description (English):
Otomo Yoshihide: electric guitar, acoustic guitar. Seiichi Yamamoto: electric guitar, acoustic guitar. Produced by Otomo Yoshihide and Seiichi Yamamoto. Recorded and mixed by Yoshiaki Kondo at GOK Sound, Tokyo, August 2007. Mastered by Tetsuya Kotani at Omega Sound, Osaka.
1. Untitled (19:30)
2. Untitled (8:51)
3. Untitled (22:20)
4. Untitled (9:55)
Total Time 60:36

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