Ed Carlsen - Elusive Frames (CD Limited Edition, Numbered)

Country: Canada
Label: Moderna Records
Released: 8 Sep 2017
Genre: Electronic / Classical / Neo-Classical / Ambient
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* CD Limited Edition, Numbered

Description (English):
Following his 2016 debut ’The Journey Tapes’, Carlsen returns with new material written over the fall and winter spent in Copenhagen.

While retaining the light pop melodies present on ‘The Journey Tapes’, ‘Elusive Frames’ explores a darker side of Carlsen’s palette. His multifaceted skill-set (piano, guitar, synth, programming) is here rounded out by Matias Emil Fyhn (cello), Sofia Kongsgaard Lang (viola) and Nanna Treu (violin).

01 Elation 03:01
02 Spring 03:41
03 Unfold 04:37
04 Otto 04:37
05 Kvaelden 03:26
06 Frame IV 02:05
07 Anew 04:20

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