Public Service Broadcasting - Live At Brixton (2CD +DVD Edition)

Country: U.K.
Label: Test Card Recordings
Released: 2 Dec 2016
Genre: Electronic / Ambient / Krautrock
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Shipping Rate: B


* 2CD +DVD Edition
* Audio and video content recorded by Living Indie at O2 Brixton Academy, London on 29 November 2015.
* DVD contains bonus features and band commentary track.

Description (English):
Public Service Broadcasting are pleased to reveal the release of a double LP/CD live album of their sold-out performance at Brixton Academy from The Race For Space Tour, recorded on 29 November 2015. ‘We first talked about the possibility of a live album and DVD a long while before Brixton and I have to confess that I ruled it out almost immediately’ says frontman J. Willgoose, Esq. ‘I was persuaded over a few months, though, by both the reaction on the night – which was overwhelming – and of those who watched the stream as it went out live, that something special had occurred and it truly was worth documenting. Brixton had been a dream of mine ever since seeing the Manics there on their Everything Must Go tour many moons ago. Playing there as Public Service Broadcasting, and selling it out, was something I never even thought of as a possibility. It’s my favourite venue in the world and we wanted to make it a show to remember.’ The show features arena-level production crammed onto the Brixton stage with a 13- piece choir, 5-piece string section, expanded brass section, a longer set list, Smoke Fairies guesting on Valentina, a surprise special guest, dancers, pyrotechnics and more as the London-based band wow a hometown crowd with a very special performance. The release will be accompanied by a DVD filmed on the night along with an audio commentary from the band and bonus features.

CD1-1 The Race For Space 2:43
CD1-2 Sputnik 7:25
CD1-3 Signal 30 3:35
CD1-4 Theme From PSB 5:08
CD1-5 Night Mail 5:40
CD1-6 London Can Take It 3:50
CD1-7 Valentina 5:39
CD1-8 Korolev 4:59
CD1-9 E.V.A. 4:40
CD2-1 If War Should Come 4:48
CD2-2 Spitfire 4:06
CD2-3 Lit Up 7:45
CD2-4 The Other Side 6:40
CD2-5 Go! 4:52
CD2-6 Tomorrow 4:20
CD2-7 Gagarin 4:09
CD2-8 Everest 6:31
DVD-1 The Race For Space
DVD-2 Sputnik
DVD-3 Signal 30
DVD-4 Theme From PSB
DVD-5 Night Mail
DVD-6 London Can Take It
DVD-7 Valentina
DVD-8 Korolev
DVD-9 E.V.A.
DVD-10 If War Should Come
DVD-11 Spitfire
DVD-12 Lit Up
DVD-13 The Other Side
DVD-14 Go!
DVD-15 Tomorrow
DVD-16 Gagarin
DVD-17 Everest

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06 Return
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10 All Night Long feat. MATTON
11 Shave

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