LCD Soundsystem - American Dream (2LP Gatefold Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: DFA Records
Released: 1 Sep 2017
Genre: Electronic / Rock / Leftfield
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* 2LP Gatefold Edition
* Download Code Included

Description (English):
The triumphant return of LCD Soundsystem! After throwing in the towel following an epic Madison Square Garden finale show, we are happy to announce that James Murphy & Co. are back from retirement with their long awaited fourth full-length! From the sound of the first two singles, “Call The Police” and the title track “American Dream,” it’s clear LCD Soundsystem haven’t missed a beat and are still as relevant as ever. Comes pressed on double 140 gram vinyl with gatefold jacket, printed inserts, and download code included.

A1 Oh Baby 5:50
A2 Other Voices 6:43
A3 I Used To 5:32
B1 Change Yr Mind 4:58
B2 How Do You Sleep? 9:12
C1 Tonite 5:47
C2 Call The Police 6:59
C3 American Dream 6:07
D1 Emotional Haircut 5:29
D2 Black Screen 12:06

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