Brian Eno - Another Green World (180g 2LP Gatefold Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered)

Country: E.U.
Label: Virgin EMI Records
Released: 4 Aug 2017
Genre: Electronic / Experimental / Ambient
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* 180g 2LP Gatefold Limited Edition, Reissue, Remastered
* Each album contains an Obi, Download Voucher and Abbey Road Half Speed Master certificate.

Description (English):
Another Green World (Half-Speed Master) – Vinyl Record – ‘Another Green World’ Is Presented Over Two 180-Gram Discs Which Play At 45 RPM For Optimum Sound Quality. High-Resolution Mastering From The Best-Known Sources And Half-Speed Cutting Were Supervised By Miles Showell At Abbey Road Studios. From November 1975, ‘Another Green World’ represents the bridge between Brian’s ground-breaking pop career and his early experiments with ambient music. This time around he was ably assisted in the studio by Robert Fripp from King Crimson, Phil Collins and Percy Jones from Brand X and, on viola, The Velvet Underground’s John Cale. The album features 5 vocal and 9 instrumental songs including the title track which will be known to many as the theme to the BBC arts programme, ‘Arena’. This new gatefold 2LP vinyl edition of ‘Another Green World’ is presented over two 180GM discs which play at 45rpm for optimum sound quality. High resolution mastering from the best-known sources and half-speed cutting were supervised by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Each album contains an Obi and Abbey Road Half Speed Master certificate.

A1 Sky Saw
A2 Over Fire Island
A3 St. Elmo’s Fire
A4 In Dark Trees
B1 The Big Ship
B2 I’ll Come Running
B3 Another Green World
C1 Sombre Reptiles
C2 Little Fishes
C3 Golden Hours
C4 Becalmed
D1 Zawinul/Lava
D2 Everything Merges With The Night
D3 Spirits Drifting

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Snapline - Party Is Over, Pornostar

兵馬司唱片(Maybe Mars)廠牌的第三張出品,是北京三人樂隊Snapline的首張專輯《Party Is Over,Pornostar》。
由歌手陳曦、低音結他手李維思以及結他兼鍵琴手李青(她也是Carsick Cars的團員)所組成的Snapline,他們為當年發起No Beijing樂潮的四支樂團之一。外界把他們概括為一支Post-Punk樂伍,聆聽其《Party Is Over,Pornostar》專輯時,總不難尋見師承自Joy Division、PIL、The Cure的音樂熏陶而來,加上他們的歌曲又是全英語主唱,Snapline身上的英倫Post-Punk甚至是Art Punk底蘊之濃烈,乃毋庸置疑。
為《Party Is Over,Pornostar》揭開序幕的是“Close Your Cold Eyes”,那宛如糅合了The Cure般由結他勾勒出的迷離氛圍與Joy Division的緊湊節奏。然而緊接而來的“Holy Comments”卻是由Industrial結他Riff驅動的工業搖滾曲目,陳曦的歌聲卻來得好比John Lydon般狂放不羈兼且神經質,是足以令人著魔的狂舞亂調。而“Catch You Low”則讓急疾的鼓機節拍與連綿的後崩式Bassline絲絲入扣而來,為歌曲提供了一股低調的張力。
Snapline在這張專輯裡所構成,是一段分崩離析的音樂里程。 “Porno Star”叫人沉溺在其低迴、緩慢、混沌而Dubby的曲式,凝聚著一份蒼白的無力感,而且李青卻在稍後為歌曲綻放出排山倒海而來的結他噪音獨奏,相當之懾人心魄。另一方面,追女仔歌曲“Jenny”以及相當跳脫的“S#1”,是不折不扣的Dance -Punk之作;而“Let In”乘著4/4 Upbeat的節拍而來,配上迷離的結他彈奏,感覺可謂跟PIL的“Death Disco”來得同出一徹。 “Single Beat”那簡約的Post-Punk / New Wave曲風,又大可聯想到Wire呢。要急激的Post-Punk攻略,“Yellow Cab“是他們最狂野的一刻。
外界好像暫時沒有人為Snapline扣上Gothic的標籤,然而李青一手撲朔迷離的吉他勾线,卻不時為他們的歌曲掃上一片Gothic的幽悒色調。所以“S#2”足以跟那群Post-Punk / Gothic元老樂隊的快板歌曲作相提並論;緩慢陰鬱的Gothic曲目除了上述的“Porno Star”之外,那還有曲如其名地叫人聽得眩暈迷幻的“Spinning”吧。
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2  holy comments – 3:21
3  catch you low – 4:24
4  porno star – [...]

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