Funkdoobiest - Brothas Doobie (180g 1LP Edition, Reissue)

Country: E.U.
Label: Music On Vinyl
Released: 10 Oct 2016
Genre: Hip Hop / Jazzy Hip-Hop
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* 1LP Edition, Reissue

Description (English):
Originally released in 1995, Brothas Doobie is the second album by the Los Angeles-based Latino rap group Funkdoobiest. The album contains all the original members Son Doobie (Jason Vasquez), DJ Ralph M (Ralph Medrano) and Tomahawk Funk (Tyrone Pacheco). The latter left group after this release.

The album contains the famous and controversial track “Superhoes”, which also appeared in the soundtrack to the film Friday, starring NWA’s Ice Cube. Executive producer of the album is Muggs (Cypress Hill). DJ Lethal (House Of pain, Limp Bizkit) produced the track “It Ain’t Going Down”.

Side A
1. This Is It (Interlude)
2. Rock On
3. What The Deal
4. Lost In Thought
5. Dedicated
6. Ka Sera Sera
7. Pussy Ain’t Shit
Side B
1. XXX Funk
2. It Ain’t Doing Down
3. You’re Dummin’
4. Tomahawk Bang
5. Superhoes
6. Who Ra Ra

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