Various - Soul Of A Nation (Afro-Centric Visions In The Age of Black Power: Underground Jazz, Street Funk & The Roots Of Rap 1968-79) 2LP Gatefold Edition

Country: U.K.
Label: Soul Jazz Records
Released: 11 July 2017
Genre: Jazz / Funk / Soul
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* 2LP Gatefold Edition

Description (English):
The album shows how the ideals of the civil rights movement, black power and black nationalism influenced the evolvement of radical African-American music in the United States of America in the intensely political and revolutionary period at the end of the 1960s following the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and the rise of the Black Panther party.

Featuring ground-breaking artists such as Gil Scott-Heron, Roy Ayers, Don Cherry, Oneness Of Juju, Sarah Webster Fabio, Horace Tapscott, Phil Ranelin and many others, ‘Soul Of A Nation’ shows how political themes led to the rise of ‘conscious’ black music as new afro-centric styles combined the musical radicalism and spirituality of John Coltrane and radical avant-garde jazz music alongside the intense funk and soul of James Brown and Aretha Franklin and the urban poetry and proto-rap of the streets.

The ‘Soul Of A Nation’ exhibition draws on the links between Black art forms – art, music, poetry – and how they came together during the civil rights and black power era as part of the wider black arts movement across the United States. Iconic African-Amercian revolutionary figures such as Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and Angela Davis, John Coltrane and Muhammad Ali all appear in the radical artworks of Barkley L. Hendricks, Romare Bearden, Norman Lewis, Lorraine O’Grady and Betye Saar. Stuart Baker (founder of Soul Jazz Records) will appear on the panel for a ‘Soul Of A Nation: Art In The Age Of Black Power’ discussion at the gallery as part of the show.

‘Soul Of A Nation’ comes with extensive sleevenotes and exclusive photography in a large 36-page outsize booklet and slipcase. Double gatefold vinyl album format comes with full colour inners and bonus download code and full sleevenotes / photography.”

A1 –Gil Scott-Heron The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
A2 –Mandingo Griot Society With Don Cherry Sounds From The Bush
A3 –Roy Ayers Ubiquity Red, Black And Green
A4 –Philip Cohran & The Artistic Heritage Ensemble Malcolm X
B1 –Sarah Webster Fabio Sweet Songs
B2 –Phil Ranelin Vibes From The Tribe
B3 –Horace Tapscott With The Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra* Desert Fairy Princess
C1 –David McKnight Strong Men
C2 –Joe Henderson Black Narcissus
C3 –Oneness Of Juju African Rhythms
D1 –Doug Carn Suratal Ihklas
D2 –Duke Edwards & The Young Ones Is It Too Late?
D3 –Carlos Garnett Mother Of The Future

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冨田魚店 feat.コムアイ
荒川小景 feat.坂本真綾
ふたりは空気の底に feat.髙城昌平
Bite My Nails feat.藤原さくら
鼓動 feat.城戸あき子
雪の街 feat.安部勇麿
笑ってリグレット feat.AKIO
SUPERFINE ENDING(instrumental)

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