Shintaro Sakamoto 坂本慎太郎 - Love If Possible (1LP Edition)

Country: U.S.
Label: Mesh-Key
Released: 14 July 2017
Genre: Rock / Pop / Japanese-Indie / Funk / Soul
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* 1LP Edition
* Download Code Included

Description (English):
Exclusive Mesh-Key release of Sakamoto’s brilliant third solo album, with completely different art from the Japanese release.

After 20+ years with psych legends Yura Yura Teikoku, Shintaro Sakamoto’s third solo album is a bonafide masterpiece of warped steel guitar, ambient disco and AOR soul. Orginally released in Japan , 2016.
Review (English):
“Like a language of Sakamoto’s own…made with a ship-in-the-bottle-like focus.” Pitchfork
“Love If Possible is the pay-attention-moment. Not enough know. More should know.” Under The Radar
“Perfectionist pop for the extraterrestrial bachelor pad.” Spin

1. Love If Possible
2. Tournament Of Macho Men
3. Another Planet
4. Purging The Demons
5. Like An Animal
6. Feeling Immortal
7. Others
8. Foolish Situation
9. Disco Is
10. Presence

Also by Shintaro Sakamoto 坂本慎太郎

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